Dr. Brain Release Date! Here Is Everything We Know About The New Korean Series!


After squid game The Korean series is booming. The western entertainment world has been (re)discovered k-Drama productions, mainly thanks to the success of the Netflix show phenomenon, which has captivated millions of users, but also caused much discussion among a thousand theories about the characters.

dr. brain

Dr. Brain: the trailer

The series trailer shows us a bit of the futuristic technology at the heart of the story, allied with a boy experts consider to be “a different kind of genius,” a visionary doctor, and a dead man who took a dark secret to the seriously, but not for long. The series also tries to balance fiction with reality, making the proposal realistic and possible (think Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind but with a much more terrifying and tense twist), at least from what we can see in the trailer.

Dr. Brain: The plot

In the middle of the series is a brilliant scientist, a scientist of the brain called Sewon. After a horrific personal tragedy, in which his family falls victim to a mysterious accident, his life changes beyond repair. Sewon is obsessed with trying to understand the dynamics of the left. Desperate to find out what happened, the man goes to great lengths to solve the riddle and conducts very dangerous experiments he calls “brain synchronizations” with the dead: through them Sewon hopes to access their memories in search for clues that can help him track down the real perpetrators of the accident.

Dr. Brain: the cast

Dr. Brain Release Date! Here Is Everything We Know About The New Korean Series!

Dr Sewon is played by LEE Sun-kyun best known to the world audience for his role in Parasite (he was the wealthy head of the family of the luxurious house where the events in the film take place). The cast of the series also includes Lee You-young (Late Spring), PARK Hee-soon (among the protagonists of My name on Netflix), Seo Ji-hye and Lee Jae Won (Untouchable, kill it).

dr. brain is written directed and produced by Kim Jee-woon, South Korean visionary director and screenwriter of Two Sisters (under many titles). Executive producers are Samuel Yeunju Ha and Jamie Yuan Lai for Bound Entertainment; HAM Jung Yeub and Daniel Han for StudioPlex, Joy Jinsoo Lee and Min Young Hong for Kakao Entertainment; and Antonio H.W. Lee.

Dr. Brain Release Date! Here Is Everything We Know About The New Korean Series!

Dr. Brain: release date

The latest novelty of the series made in Korea is: dr. brain Apple TV+ series arrives on Nov 4, 2021 worldwide (it will be available in the United States the day before). As reported in a press release, this is the company’s first Korean-language production to launch simultaneously with Apple TV+’s debut in South Korea. The series was produced for Apple TV+ by Bound Entertainment, Kakao Entertainment, StudioPlex and Dark Circle Pictures.


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