Downton Abbey Season 7 Release Date – Is there a new installment coming on the way?

Downton Abbey Season 7 Release Date - Is there a new installment coming on the way?

Downton Abbey is a historical drama. Two years ago, Carnival Films and ITV Studios announced that Season 6 is the ultimate finale to the historical drama series.

Despite this, audiences still have an expectation that the series and their favorite characters will return.

That could be a spin-off series or a film adaptation.

Downton Abbey Season 7 Release Date - Is there a new installment coming on the way?

Julian Fellowes created the series and Carnival Films and Masterpiece produced the series. We haven’t heard any updates for the new season since the Season 6 finale.

Downton Abbey returns this year with the show’s first big screen outing. But will Downton Abbey make a comeback on television screens and will there be another movie?

What makes the show so popular?

Well, Downton Abbey is one of the most searched for series on Google even today.

The series made its way to the big screen with the Downton Abbey movie released last year.

The Abbey movie was a worldwide hit. It did extremely well, raising fans’ expectations for a Season 7 even more.

Downton Abbey: About the show

Set in the early 20th century, Downton Abbey is set on the fictional Downton Abbey estate in Yorkshire.

The timeline is roughly between 1912 and 1926. The show chronicles the aristocratic life of the Crawley family and their domestic workers in the post-Edwardian era.

Significant events in history have a direct effect on their lives and the British social hierarchy.

Events illustrated during the show include the sinking of the Titanic, the start of World War I, and the outbreak of the Spanish flu epidemic in Season 1.

Season 2 highlights the infamous Marconi scandal, the glorious Irish War of Independence that culminated in the creation of the Irish Free State in Season 3.

The Teapot Dome Scandal in Season 4; and Britain’s general election in 1923, and the failed Nazi Party coup of the Beer Hall Putsch in Season 5.

Season 6 marks the rise of the proletarian class during the period between the two world wars (end of the First World War in 1918 and the arrival of the Second World War in 1939), mainly reflecting the gradual decline of the British nobility.

Downton Abbey Season 7 Premise

The last episode of the previous season aired on December 25, 2015. It’s too early to speculate what part of history the creators will illustrate next in Downton Abbey Season 7.

But the show’s creator Julian Fellowes has hinted in a cryptic interview that there may be a season 7 of the series.

However, according to an online report, one of the cast members candidly revealed to one of the reporters that Season 7 would consist of events from the post-World War II era to the modern day.

Critics and fans have praised Downton Abbey for showing the events of the past and posting the facts in an unbiased and accurate manner.

They will enjoy the most important events that make history an entertaining way.

Downton Abbey Season 7 Release Date - Is there a new installment coming on the way?

The release date?

The makers have not yet announced the official dates. But there’s a good chance we’ll get to see Season 7.

And there are chances of a spin-off or maybe a full season if we’re lucky!

From a story perspective, this would be much more satisfying than any other movie, but according to the latest news, they’re making a movie, not a series like I said above.

That makes me happy. Does it do the same for you?

5 Best Downton Abbey Moments

Although, Downton Abbey has countless great moments. So, to make it short for you, I’m listing 5 of my all-time favorite Downton Abbey moments.

1) Day at the beach

During the 6 seasons, Downton Abbey has portrayed love in countless shades. From the healthy devotion between Mrs. Hudges to Mr. Carson, to a passionate love affair with the young Crawleys. You see an aspect of love in their journey.

In Episode 8 of Season 4, Mrs. Hudges and Mr. Carson paddle into the ocean together. Furthermore, when Mrs. Hughes reached out to Mrs. Crason, the pleasant smiles on both their faces won my heart. It was too satisfying for my eyes.

2) Mr. Pamuk .’s follies

In the 3rd episode of the series, when Mr. Pamuk arrived in Crawleys, he had a heart attack. At the time it was strange to see him lying on Mary’s bed.

Even though it wasn’t a funny scene, the way Anna, Cora and Marry carried the dead Pamuk made me laugh out loud. What do you think? Did you find it funny? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section at the end of this post.

Downton Abbey Season 7 Release Date - Is there a new installment coming on the way?

3) Mr Bates is coming home

If you’ve watched the Downton Abbey TV series all the way to season 6, you may be aware of Mr. & Mrs. Bates. They suffered serious trauma. They were falsely accused of crimes they never committed. It’s an endless list. It goes on and on.

In Episode 7 of Season 3, when Mr. Bates was released from unjust captivity, the happy hug between Anna and him was one of the memorable moments for me.

Last words

I don’t know if there will be Downton Abbey season 7 or not. Even if the series ends in season 6, I’ll be at peace because at least I got to know this great story. What do you think? do you want to see season 7 of the TV series Downton Abbey? Let me know your thoughts in the comments at the end.


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