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Download Kisalay in HD from Tamilrockers,Tamilgun

Lisa starred in the next Bengali drama, which will hit theaters on November 19.

The story is based on a 6-year-old girl Antara who commits suicide. Her father was unable to make the necessary financial arrangements for her admission to an English medium school. So the girl writes a suicide note stating that her father bit her. According to this, the police arrested her father. But later, the lawyer of Aritra, the father of Antara, proved how much he loved her daughter, and because of mental stress, her father beat her. Every bit of the story unfolds new tension and twists.

This Atul Islam-directed film also shows how studying pressure on a child leads to mental illness and depression.

The cast of this movie includes Debleena Dutta, Sudip Mukherjee, Debraj Mukherjee, Sudipta Chakroborty, Vivek Trivedi, and others.

Download Kisalay in HD from Tamilrockers,Tamilgun
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