Does Samuel Die in Elite Season 5 Check Release Date


Hello, all the entertainment lovers, so, one of the much-hyped Netflix original shows titled Elite is generating buzz in season 4. The latest edition of the show has been ended in a spectacular way but along with that it again left a considerable amount of questions for the audience. The jaw-dropping season of the show keeps the audience firmly gripped throughout the complete season. The Spanish drama just amazed the audience with its intriguing plot. All the fans who have watched the 4th season are getting eager for its following edition. Get more information on Does Samuel Die in Elite season 5.

Does Samuel Die in Elite Season 5

It is being assumed that the fifth season won’t fail to impress the audience with continuous twists and turns in the life of school students. So, the 4th season of the show concludes with the murder of Armando de la Ossa while he was chasing Mencia. Along with that, the corpse of Ossa got disappeared after his murder. However, law enforcement has got a clue about the murder and even started the investigation of the murder and finding the dead body of Ossa.

A long while ago the police began to negotiate regarding murder and the grand has to struggle to reveal the killer. Although, the prominent question that is emerging is will Samuel manage to survive in the upcoming season. The latest teaser of the 5th season released a glimpse focusing a flash-forward of a figure floating in a pool with his face lying down. All the viewers of the show are pondering that the man floating in the pool has died. After the teaser, all the fans of the show are coming with multiple theories. Some of them are saying that Samuel will survive or will die.

Well, unfortunately, the fans have to say goodbye to Samuel in season 5. Samuel is one of the beloved characters of the show. It is being assumed that all fans will get disappointed with the elimination of Samuel. Samuel lands in the hot water this season when he provides a hint to Benjamin. Along with that Armando’s father won’t come back.

Elite is a Spanish thriller teen drama originally created by Netflix. The show is created by Carlos Montero and Darío Madrona. Elite cast María Pedraza, Itzan Escamillia, Miguel Bernardeau, and Jaime Lorente appearing in the lead cast. We will get back to you with more information on season 5 including the release date.


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