Doctor Strange 2 is about Wanda v/s literally Every Superhero in MCU


Doctor Strange 2 was one of the most-awaited movies by Marvel and it hits theaters worldwide today on 6th May 2022 although the movie was released one day ago in the UK and a few other countries of Europe. The first impression which I have got about the film is it’s just about Scarlet Witch or Wanda v/s literally every superhero from Marvel Multiverse. And the acting of Elizabeth Olsen as a witch and mother is really more than awesome and I think she deserves an Academy Nomination this year.


How Doctor Strange 2 is about Wanda not about Doctor Strange?

Although it’s a fan side story, I am always one of the nerdiest fans of Scarlet Witch and hr powers which made her one of the strongest Avengers till the introduction of America Cahvez in Doctor Strange 2. The performance of Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda is really overwhelming and I must say you can watch her and feel her presence of her in each and every frame of the movieDoctor Strange 2.

Wanda in Doctor Strange 2

In the movie, Wanda has fought almost all the characters from MCU and other dimensions

Wanda has fought almost all the characters in the movie from Doctor Strange to Captain Carter and America Chavez to Captain Marvel. Almost everyone at the same time and this can prove that she is the strongest and most powerful character in the Marvel Universe at the time when the movie takes place.

Wanda in Doctor Strange Multiverse of Madness

Her dialogues are just not written I think they came out of her character like when she says “I’m not going to apologize for the person I’ll become when we first see ” This dialogue shows how strongly she believes in herself and she has not any regrets about her misdeeds, and the same we can feel when we look into her eyes in all the scenes of Doctor Strange 2.

I think that’s the best camera work ever have to be done in MCU which happened to be possible just because of the director Sam Raimi, who is known for his chaotic camera works in every scene and moving shots.

The scene where all the characters are trying to stop Wanda is one of my favorites. The pain inside her of losing her sons and love of her life Vision during the Avengers: Endgame incident and then again in the WandaVision series had really broken her and we cannot feel wrong for her we can only feel her sadness and I think up to some point we could agree with her every moves.

I must admit that you must watch Doctor Strange 2 (Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness) for Elizabeth’s character Wanda which has been released on 6th May, 2022.


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