Did Melania Trump really hold back tears when she left the White House?


Did Melania Trump really hold back tears when she left the White House?

Despite all the speculation Melania Trump didn’t relish her family’s time in the White House, it’s now being reported that she may have been enjoyed that period of her life than she’s let on.

Washington Post journalists Bob Woodward and Robert Costa’s book, “Peril,” details what supposedly really happened when the Trump family departed the White House, claiming Melania “came down from the residence early.” Apparently, when she and Donald entered the room to say bye to their staff, their employees “clapped and some shed tears as the president thanked them for their service and shook their hands.” And it sounds like some of those tears may have come from the former First Lady herself…

The book claimed she wore sunglasses, potentially to hide her emotions, but “those who spoke with her and leaned in to bid farewell could see a hint of tears.” Melania is also have said to given a heartfelt farewell to former National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien, telling him, “Give my love to Lo-Mari and the two girls.”

It’s not clear why Melania may have gotten teary, but there’s no doubting she’d had a pretty dramatic few months. Maybe she was more upset at the thought that her time as First Lady would be ending than her concern about her husbands political career.


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