Daughter from Another Mother Season 2: Release Date, Synopsis and On-air Date

Because of the ongoing pandemic, the hunt for good web series and movies has been increased. There’s good news for such viewers. Netflix has released a new Mexican show called Madre Solo Hay Dos, translated into Daughter from Another Mother, which is supposed to be a hit one. 

What Season 1 Deals with?

The story mainly revolves around two women who were diverse from each other taking their home interchanged children due to the nurses’ casualty. The show’s real twist began when they were given a proposal to switch their children back, but by that time, an emotional feeling developed for their swapped babies. So, in conclusion, they decided to live blissfully all together without changing their babies. Season 1 of the show was fascinating and much unrest, fun, and ups and downs. 

Daughter from Another Mother Season 2

 As in the last season, there were nine episodes in total. Each episode was 45 minutes long. The previous season ended with suspense and high moments, which left perceptions in mind the probability for the second season. But the sad part is Netflix has not officially confirmed anything about the second season. Therefore, the audience can only hope for the second season. 

Daughter from Another Mother Season 2

Casting for the second season

The main protagonist for the first season was Ludwika Paleta And Paulina Goto. The side characters for the show are Oka Ginger, Elena Rion, and Liz Gallardo. Viewers from the show are hoping for their presence in the second season also. All characters were loved as all these characters are fascinating to watch. But as of now, we don’t have any confirmed list of characters. 

Promo of the Show

The trailer for season 1 was eye catchy for the audiences, and we are also hoping for the trailer for season 2 to be out soon. Viewers are getting impatient for the next season since they were hanged in the middle of the storyline. 

For quick updates related to the show, follow our page. We will inform you as soon as we get to know any news. 

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