Dancing With The Stars Season 30: Elimination List & Remaining Participants


Who was eliminated on tonight’s Dancing with the Stars 30? This was easily one of the more dramatic episodes of the season, as a pair of Stars had to take their final bow before the competition made it to the semifinals.

This was Janet Jackson week, so of course there were a lot of fun, memorable routines over the course of the two hours, but that didn’t take away from the drama that’d be coming up later.

Dancing With The Stars 30

Last week, we saw perceived favorite JoJo Siwa land in the bottom two, which was immediately enough to make us wonder whether she had the fan following we thought previously. Similarly, Suni Lee was in danger the week prior. The best dancers aren’t necessarily the Stars with the largest followings, and that does throw an air of unpredictability into the show that isn’t often here every other season.

Oh, and you can’t rule out the possibility that someone emerges and has a fantastic dance straight out of nowhere.

We will have more updates as the night goes on, so be sure to refresh the page throughout!

What did you think about tonight’s Dancing with the Stars 30 results?

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