Dad Stop Embarrassing Me: Season 2 Release Date, Details and Expectations

Dad Stop Embarrassing Me is the latest American comedy series aired on Netflix on 14 April 2021. To know what it is about and whether we will have another piece of it through Season 2, keeping reading. 

Dad Stop Embarrassing Me Season 2 Release Date

Though it’s too early to talk about the renewal of the series as there isn’t any decision on the renewal. Despite featuring Jamie Foxx, the show needs to prove the numbers for the streaming service to decide on renewal or cancellation. 

But if it ever happens, it shouldn’t take long for the production to bring it in front of the audience as the first season has eight episodes of 25 minutes each. 

Dad Stop Embarrassing Me

Dad Stop Embarrassing Me Plot: What’s So Special? 

Set in Atlanta, Dad Stop embarrassing me focuses on the situations that arise between a single father(Brian Dixon) and his daughter(Sasha Dixon), whom he invites from Chicago after her mother’s death. While he reunites with his daughter, trying to build a healthy relationship, he does everything wrong, and so is the title, “Dad, stop embarrassing me.” 

Brian inherits his mother’s business, Bay Cosmetics, and the show revolves around his romantic interest in his work colleague Stacey and his conversations with his father, Pops. The comedy chemistry between Dixon and Pops could make a potential season 2 for the show.

Dad Stop Embarrassing Me: Cast

Dad Stop embarrassing me features Jamie Foxx, who plays Dixon, David Alan Grier as Pops Dixon, and Kyla Drew as Sasha Dixon, his father, and his daughter. Jonathan Kite and Heather Hemmens also grace the screen with their presence, but it’s the sequences among the daughter, father, and grandfather that take the front seat.

And it’s expected for the majority of the cast to be returning for the second season.

Dad Stop Embarrassing Me: What Can We Expect In S2?

With the first season ending with a kiss that Brian and Stacey share, we could expect further chemistry between them to explore Dixon’s emotional side and the growing bond between Chelsea (Dixon’s sister) Pops, which also gives way to another subplot.

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