Couples Retreat’ Season 2 Episode 4 Release Date Schedule Spoilers & Preview


One of the famous television series Couples Retreat has come back on the screens to retain the entertainment of all of its fans. All the fans of the series were immensely excited. The first episode of the second season aired on 16th May at night titled The Truth Hurts. The show started with the couple discussing their love languages. However, most couples are talking to resolve their ongoing relationship consequences. One of the adorable couples Daniel and Jess are also facing complications in their relationship. In the last week during a group task, Daniel even scolded and humiliated Jess in front of everyone. Get more information on Couple Retreat season 2 Episode 3.

Couples Retreat' Season 2 Episode 4

According to the episode, after disgracing him Daniel even claimed that he didn’t love her. All the viewers are slamming Daniel for his misconduct and expecting from Danie that he has to realize his mistake and correct his mistake. The Vh1 Couples Retreat Star continued to humiliate his girlfriend publically. The video of the episode is even circulating on the Internet wherein Daniel slams his girlfriend and humiliates his girlfriend.

Well, at the start of the episode during his confession, Daniel disclosed that he called Jess jealous. He further said that he was being narrow-minded at the time and just wanted to see Jess sad at the time. One of his statements disclosed that hears “I haven’t been in a relationship in years. This is all new to me. I’m slow with showing that I care, I’m laid back and reserved.” He added that he talks only when he wants to be heard. He said that he made up his mind before entering the show but things didn’t go as was assumed.

At the time Jess asked him why is he repeating that they don’t know each other or love each other. Daniel replies so if she expected him to pretend like he is still in love with her, hurting her feeling again. When Daniel disclosed that he was being narrow-minded and wanted to see his partner sad.

Jess gets disappointed when he decided to play with something wherein the partner is supposed to assist each other and it will help them to sort out the issues of their relationship. Well, this is the second season of the show and as of now, it released a total of 3 episodes.


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