Couple defend relationship after TikTok girlfriend surprises boyfriend sparks ‘red flag’ debate’


Couple defend relationship after TikTok girlfriend surprises boyfriend sparks ‘red flag’ debate’

A TikToker who surprised her boyfriend at college has been forced to defend their relationship after viewers claimed his reaction was a red flag – and now her boyfriend has also spoken out.

TikToker @laurenzarras A video was uploaded of her surprising appearance to her boyfriend at his apartment, where he was chatting with six other friends on a sofa. He smiles at her and then doubles up before giving her a hug.

It has received almost 32.8m views and 3,000,000 likes since its posting. Some viewers found it sweet. However, comments left by scores of viewers criticized the boyfriend’s inability to see his girlfriend.

The TikToker responded to negative comments in a series video follow-ups and urged viewers not to hesitate to contact them. “please think”Before “assuming anything about my relationship.”

Now, as a result of the viral storm surrounding the TikTok, Lauren’s boyfriend has shared his thoughts on the thousands of people accusing him of being a “red flag.”

Posting to an account @souljawatchambassadorThe boyfriend has taken to calling himself “Boyfriend” “couch guy”Pans the camera towards the now-famous sofa where the viral clip was captured.

“Couch guy here,”He joked that his message started with: “Ur welcome for getting u off of berries & cream TikTok…”

He continues: “…but remember: Not everything is true crime. Don’t be a parasocial creep. Go get some fresh air. Take care.”

The boyfriend then turned the camera around to show his face, and gave a thumbs-up. He added the caption: “I love @laurenzarras , she’s the best.”

So far, the reaction to his words has been seen nearly 700,000. But, as predicted, people still aren’t convinced.

One person wrote: “Yes king, you can pull this off, gaslight her and us.”

“‘She’s the best’ bro that is the worst thing you could say,”Another person said it.

Someone else replied: “The minimal effort put into defending her too.”

Many speculated that Lauren’s boyfriend was not excited to see Lauren after she posted the first video.

One comment received 364,000 likes “Bro is on the couch with three other girls.”

Another user commented, and it was liked by over 8,000 people. “I’ve never seen someone so unhappy to see their girlfriend.”

Others criticised him for not standing up right away, while others pointed out that the girl next to him seemed to walk over after she entered the room.

Many others commented that they believed they saw the girl next to him. “sneakily”Giving him his phone back.

Some comments did not criticize the relationship, however. One user wrote: “All the girls in the comments talking about him sitting with other girls is giving me not secure in their own relationship vibes lol.”

Another user stated: “Y’all need to realise that loyal men exist and confidence woman exists aswell. Ya’ll jus’ showing your own insecurity in the comments.” [sic]

Before replying to many comments that defended her relationship, The TikToker pinned a response reading: “Breaks my heart that people can watch a special moment and bring so much negativity. Please think before you assume anything about my relationship.”

She made a second comment: “As for the phone comment, his phone was in his lap. Thanks for the concerns though! And no I’m not in denial.”

But it didn’t stop the discussion. Several TikTokers stitched the video, giving their thoughts on her boyfriend’s reaction:

Some people called for the “hate”To stop:

Lauren responded to a comment later, in a follow up video. “Am I tripping or did the girl hand him his phone under his arm as she walked in? His face says it all.”

She stated that people are apathetic. “driving her crazy”He made a comment over the phone and then showed a frame by frame view of him holding the phone. She said that she knew all the girls in this room. “they are all so nice.”

She continued: “These comments are just getting ridiculous and I don’t know why you guys are assuming so much about our relationship. I’m so happy and we’ve been doing distance for over a year now. My boyfriend and I are literally obsessed with each other and are in contact with each other every minute of the day.”

She posted an audio clip where Kourtney Kardashian speaks to her sister Kim in an attempt to take on the snarky commenters. “mind her business.”

Regardless of how much she and her boyfriend try to defend their relationship, some commenters don’t seem to be letting it go. Although you can draw subjective conclusions based on someone’s perceived body language, it is a little harsh to criticise someone else’s love life based on an innocuous 19-second video.

We know the man who can help her if things go south.


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