Charles and Queen plant Balmoral tree in a plan to celebrate Platinum Jubilee


Charles and Queen plant Balmoral tree in a plan to celebrate Platinum Jubilee

In a special initiative to mark her Platinum Jubilee, the Prince and Queen of Wales planted a Balmoral Castle tree.

Charles sipped as they poured soil around the copper beech sapling, next to the horse paddock on the Aberdeenshire estate. “Let’s hope it will survive.”

It marks the start of the planting season for a scheme called the Queen’s Green Canopy (QGC), created to mark her 70 years’ service to the nation, which urges people to “plant a tree for the jubilee”.

The royals were joined by schoolchildren from Crathie Primary in the area. They handed the Queen a card made especially for the occasion.

They were thanked by the monarch “very kind”gesture following being presented with Annie Hutchins card. “six and a half”Skye Jones, nine.

Annie said afterwards: “She asked how we made it and said we did a lovely job.”

Crowns made of leaves and twigs were worn by some pupils. “They don’t look very comfortable, they’re like a bird’s nest.”

The Queen wore a headscarf with leaf patterns.

The Queen’s headscarf fitted in with the event (Andrew Milligan/PA)(PA Wire).

Charles, aged 10, asked Maia MacDougall about their learning experiences. She told him about counting rings in trees to determine how old they were.

She also added: “I’ve never been near the Queen before in person and it felt quite strange, because she’s one of the most famous people in the world, but it was pretty cool.

“I never thought I would meet her.”

Charles and the Queen, also known as the Duke Of Rothesay in Scotland were able to talk with the children. They showed their nature projects as part the QGC initiative after they had explored the Balmoral woods.

The Prince of Wales was at Balmoral with the Queen to plant the tree (Andrew Milligan/PA).(PA Wire).

The QGC is interested in “inspire young people as the future custodians of the UK’s green spaces, forests and woodlands”.

Next year, the Queen, who was 25 years old when she took the throne, will celebrate her first Platinum Jubilee.

Lilian Field, Crathie Primary School Headteacher, stated: “Being out in the forest really helps the children’s self-confidence, building initiative and for mental health and well-being as well, especially after lockdown.

“It was a lovely occasion for us. Giving a card is something we do every year after the Queen finishes her holiday at Balmoral, but this is the first time we’ve given her it in person.

The Queen and Charles were joined by local schoolchildren for the tree-planting (Andrew Milligan/PA)(PA Wire)

“We made quite a special card this year. Every child made a picture of a tree and we put it together in a concertina-like way. We’re just hoping the Queen has a big desk she can stretch it out on.”

The QGC was created to “create a lasting legacy”The Queen asked people to join their tree-planting efforts across the UK. “Plant a tree for the jubilee.”

To maximise the chances of trees growing to full maturity, it encourages planting between October-March.

Everybody is encouraged to contribute to the environment, including Girlguiding groups and villages as well as cities, towns, and schools.

The Queen received the card from Andrew Milligan/PA.(PA Wire).

In conjunction with the Royal Forestry Society and the Scottish Forestry Society, a Jubilee edition of the Junior Forester Award was created to inspire and equip children with the skills to manage woodlands in their communities and schools.

From Friday, all Jubilee trees can be added to an online QGC Map, creating a digital record of tree-planting across the country

Scotland has been a welcome place of sanctuary for the royal family since Queen Victoria‘s day, where they relax and enjoy country pursuits in the stunning setting of the Scottish Highlands.


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