Blood of Zeus Season 2: Latest Updates, Renewal Status, Netflix Release Date & More


Blood of Zeus is one of the more entertaining fruits of Netflix’s increased interest in animated programs for mature audiences. Charley and Vlas Parlapanides’ epic musical explores a “lost chapter” of Greek mythology in which Heron, Zeus’s illegitimate child, learns about his ancestry and seeks to embrace his heritage as a hero.

In terms of chaotic animation and combat choreography, as well as its take on the subject matter, Blood of Zeus is a remarkable feat. The first season of the show delivers a compelling story about Heron and several other prominent characters vying for supremacy on Mount Olympus.

Although a second season has not been confirmed, there are various threads from the first set of episodes that point to where Blood of Zeus will go.

The first season of Blood of Zeus is centered on Heron’s discovery of his link to Zeus and whether or not he will grow up to be the kind of hero who can properly follow in the footsteps of his father or any of the other Gods in his inner circle.

Heron faces his hardest hurdles yet in the season finale of Blood of Zeus, and in his battle against Seraphim, he ultimately taps into his Godly skills and unleashes a fury of thunder and lightning that resembles Zeus’ own abilities.

Mount Olympus Has a New Ruler

Blood of Zeus ends on the surprise note that Hera succeeds in her vengeful plan and kills Zeus. The first season finale is so focused on the conflict that it doesn’t take the time to consider the power vacuum that Zeus’ absence creates, yet the Gods will need a new ruler. Heron is a Zeus descendant, and it appears like he’s being groomed to be a candidate, but he’s still very new to everything.

It would be premature to place Heron in command of Olympus, and doing so would undoubtedly make him a target for the other Gods. Other characters, like Heron’s brother Apollo, appear to be better choices for the position of Olympus’ new ruler. Apollo has paid his dues and is also a key figure in the ongoing struggle against the Giants. Season two may possibly include some sort of strong competition to determine who would be the future lord of Mount Olympus.

Blood of Zeus Season 2 In The Underworld, There Are Seraphim

The fate of Seraphim is the most intriguing storyline teased in Blood of Zeus’ season finale. Seraphim’s arc in Blood of Zeus is possibly even more interesting than Heron’s. Seraphim dies in the climactic battle, however, a post-credits scene reveals that Seraphim is far from dead.

Seraphim emerges in the Underworld as a spirit and becomes Hades’ new pawn. It’s odd that Seraphim goes from being a lunatic’s puppet to becoming a tool for someone else.

Blood of Zeus Season 2

Hades clearly has enormous plans against the Gods, and Seraphim is an important part of them. After his battle with Heron, Seraphim’s hatred for these gods is at an all-time high. Several points in the first season devote an unusual amount of attention to components of the Underworld, and it appears that the goal is to pay these themes off in the second season.

It wouldn’t be out of place for Blood of Zeus to reverse the tables in season two and make Seraphim more of the protagonist to provide a distinct viewpoint on everything that’s happened so far.

Hera’s and the Giants’ Return

Over the course of its first season, Blood of Zeus introduces a slew of opponents and perilous barriers, but it’s Hera who emerges as the malevolent mastermind behind most of the drama. Hera’s threat looks to have passed, but her fate isn’t as certain as Zeus’, and it’s possible that she’s only waiting for the proper opportunity to strike again.

Whoever succeeds Hera as the new ruler of Mount Olympus must be prepared for Hera’s eventual return. Similarly, the Giants are a major source of opposition for the Gods, but the season ends with them, as well as Hera, resolving the drama.

It would be shocking if the Gods and the Giants didn’t reappear in some way, given their long history and endless rivalry. Season one teased the concept of these ultimate powers forming coalitions for the common good, thus season two may bring both Hera and the Giants back, albeit as reluctant allies.

Blood of Zeus offers a lot of possibilities for what it can achieve with these characters and their story, but they’ll undoubtedly push themselves and Greek mythology to new heights.


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