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Billionaire founder of Phones4u left fighting for life after horror bike crash

The billionaire founder of Phones4u was left fighting for his life after being involved in a freak bicycle crash while holidaying in Italy.

John Caudwell, 68, was injured in the accident and required several surgeries.

The billionaire businessman was airlifted to a Florence hospital after the front tyre on his bicycle exploded as he rode down a mountain at 25mph, the Mirror reports.

The hospital treated him with a punctured lungs, a shattered shoulder blade and six broken bones.

The accident happened while he was wearing his helmet, which he told The Sun saved his life.

John Caudwell in a wheelchair after the incident
The Phones4u founder has been left in a wheelchair by the incident

He said: “I’m 99 per cent certain that if I hadn’t been wearing a helmet I would have paid with my life.

“The accident came out of nowhere. I was going downhill on the first bend and my front tire burst, sending my body crashing to the ground.

“I knew I’d done something serious as I couldn’t breathe and I was in agony in my shoulder and rib cage.”

According to Phones 4u founder, he had just climbed one of the mountain peaks and was returning down when the accident occurred.

The tyre burst, sending him crashing to the ground after he had completed the first bend.

The front tyre of the bike
Mr. Caudwell came off his bike when the front tyre exploded

Luckily, a passer-by saw the incident and called an ambulance while Mr. Caudwell “sat on the roadside barely conscious”.

Modesta Vzasniauskaite from Lithuania, was Modesta’s partner.

He had to stay in an emergency medical facility for five days, an experience he describes as “agonising”.

According to Mr. Caudwell, he was placed on a Covid Ward and was treated in hazmat suits by nurses who did not speak English.

He was also not allowed to see his family due to coronavirus restrictions placed around visiting.

He told the Sun: “It was terrifying having these people in hazmat suits appear every few hours and try to move all of my limbs. There was nothing I could do to stop it, even though I knew they shouldn’t do it. We had a battle to move me.”

John Caudwell in hospital
Mr. Caudwell believes that wearing a helmet saved his life

Mr Caudwell said he was in so much pain he didn’t have the energy to argue, calling his time in hospital “the most horrendous week of my life”.

Since then, he has been transferred to a Monaco hospital.

He said that doctors recently placed a plate in his collarbone.

Describing his recovery as a “long road ahead”, Mr Caudwell said he was grateful to know what is going on around him.

He added: “The hardest bit in a way is not being able to lead my charity bike ride this year because I really love helping others.”

Mr Caudwell said he will be cheering on those taking part in his annual Caudwell Children charity fundraiser on September 24 from his wheelchair.

Billionaire founder of Phones4u left fighting for life after horror bike crash
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