Big Boss Telugu Vote Results: Find out who is leading in this week voting

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 3 never failed to hook the audience to the show. Its Target Rating Points is rocking top in the chart. Now the viewership is increasing and in an all-time high right now.

The issues ranging from husband-wife to serious quarrels made the show intriguing. Vritika and Varun, an uncomparable relation between Punarvi and Rahul, the confession of Hema which lead to her expulsion, and the unlimited entertainment by Baba Ramdev make the Telugu version of the show most interesting one ever.

This week  Rahul, Himaja, Ashu, Mahesh, Baba Bhaskar, Siva Jyoti, Punarnavi are in the list of contestants who are nominated for elimination. Hema, Jaffar, Tamanna and Rohini got eliminated already.

Bigg Boss Week 5 Nominated Contestants

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 3: Vote Status from the Audience. 

The showrunners decided to make a female contestant as the Captain for this week in the show. Shivajyothi got the captaincy as she defeated Vritika in the Captaincy Task. As she is the captain naturally she is exempted from this week nominations for expulsions. She is safe.

The Votes received for each contestant in danger zone from the audience.

  • Punarnavi – 73243 votes
  • Mahesh Vitta – 71362 votes
  • Baba Bhaskar – 59563 votes
  • Ashu Reddy – 42363 votes
  • Rahul – 21369 votes
  • Himaja – 29369 votes

Rahul clearly lags far behind in the number of votes along with Himaja before him. Punarnavi got a whopping number of votes from the audience which lands her in the safe zone. Mahesh Vitta is closely following her. Baba Bhaskar got nearly 60,000 votes and is counting.

The results could change dramatically anytime in the upcoming days. The performance of the contestants could be a big contributing factor. Yet Rahul and Himaja are in Danger Zone without question.

Cast your vote to save your Favourite Contestant from Danger Zone.

  1. Rahul Sipligunj- 8466 996 706
  2. Siva Jyothi- 8466 996 701
  3. Baba Bhaskar- 8466 996 708
  4. Himaja Reddy- 8466 996 705
  5. Ashu Reddy- 8466 996 703
  6. Mahesh Vitta- 8466 996 712
  7. Punarnavi Bhupalam- 8466 996 709

Each contestant is allotted with a phone number. Viewers can cast their votes by giving a miss call to the numbers of their choice. You are allowed to call 10 times from a number a week. The line will be open until this weekend.

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