Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4 Vote for Week 3 Elimination: Mehaboob might be eliminated

The third week in Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4 is all set to be wrapped. This week witnessed numerous housemates fighting among each other. In addition to this, the voting result of the third week was quite entertaining which also indicates the elimination episode would be equally good.

The first couple of eliminations in the reality show was completely predictable from the beginning, right from the first day of commencement. Nevertheless, the third week of elimination was topsy-turvy concerning votes. By the looks of it, this is all the more reason why the nominated contestants are facing a significant surprise in the weekend’s episode.

As the weekend episodes will feature Nagarjuna, it will be quite engaging for the audience. Also, the promos have promised the weekend to involve significant twists and turns.

Who will be eliminated in the third week?


Seven contestants were nominated this week. Nevertheless, only one among these contestants will bid adieu to the journey of Bigg Boss Telugu. The first contestant to be eliminated from the show was Surya Kiran. Later in the following week, Karate  Kalyani did get eliminated from, the house.

It is indicated that a male contestant will more likely get eliminated this week. There is a highly likely chance that Kumar and Mehaboob are in the bottom two and one of their journey in the house of Bigg Boss Telugu will end.

Who is safe this week?

According to polling results, the following contestant will live to fight another week in the house of Bigg Boss Telugu:

  • Monal
  • Lasya
  • Ariyana
  • Kumar Sai

Another speculation suggests that someone among Harika, Devi, and Mehaboob will be leaving the show for good.

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