Bigg Boss Telugu 5 Contestant Priyanka Singh Wiki, Bio, Family and Relationship


Priyanka Singh, aka Sai Teja is the second trans women to enter Telugu Bigg house after Tamannaah who took part in Bigg Boss season 4. But unlike Tamannaah who was quickly ousted from the show for her menacing attitude, Priyanka is managing to keep the viewers entertained and is regarded as one of the better contestants in this edition of Bigg Boss.

Priyanka, born Sai Teja underwent gender reassignment surgery a few years ago, something that she had been yearning for right from childhood. Her gender reassignment wish was gleefully accepted by her mother right at a young age and her father had finally come to terms with the same very recently.

Bigg Boss Telugu 5 Contestant Priyanka Singh Wiki, Bio, Family and Relationship

Priyanka is a proper Hyderabadi. She was born and bought up in the city. She shot to fame with Telugu comedy show Jabardasth. Following her stint in the comedy show, Priyanka caught the attention of Bigg Boss show-runners and she was presented with the opportunity to take part in the show.

Following her gender reassignment surgery, Priyanka faced several medical problems due to the hormonal imbalance and other complications. She had to take some time off acting in order to get back to full fitness.

Priyanka says Jabardasth host Nagababu has been very supportive and nurturing towards her right from the early stages of her career and she says she is indebted to him for the same. Can Priyanka script history by becoming the first trans person to win the Bigg Boss title? We have to wait and see.


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