Bigg Boss Malayalam 2 Vote Week 8: Fukru Becomes the New Captain

After failing Abhirami and Amritha in a tension evoking contest, Fukru became the next captain of Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 2. For the captaincy task this time Abhirami, Amritha, Sujo and Fukru were selected.

Bigg Boss Malayalam 2 Vote: Episode 54 Week 8


According to the instructions from Bigg Boss, they gathered in the garden. In the task named “Parakkum Thalika” (Flying saucer), the contestants had to fill the glass set at a distance with thermocol balls set by throwing them into it. The members had to wear boxing gloves which had made the task even harder.

In the beginning, Amritha and Abhirami were leading but in the end, it was Fukru who tasted success. He took this time to share his happiness and the victory is the right answer for some in the show who had teased him saying he would never see the finale episode.

After the medical treatment, Pashanam Shaji made reentry to the show on the 54th episode. He was the captain before Fukru. Pashanam Shaji revealed to Arya that he is doing better now and the doctors prescribed some medicines nevertheless. Later she is seen describing what had happened after his exit. Arya can be seen with watery eyes when she notices Pashanam Shaji entering the house.

This week, today evening we will be able to know who will be eliminated. This week Arya, Dr Rajith Kumar, Fukru, Jezla, RJ Sooraj and Veena are in the nominations list. Cast your vote as soon as possible as the voting is going over soon.

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