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Bigg Boss 5 Tamil Voices

On October 3, 2021, Vijay Tv delivered Bigg Boss Season 5 Tamil Pleasurable Beginning. With 15 movie-expanded titles and non-movie-expanded title contenders, the season will be hot-footed for 100 days. Ulaganayan Kamal Haasan will host the unveiling, broadcast on Vijay Tv. Contestants can nominate two other fellow contestants for eviction once a week, and those who receive the most nominations will be chosen for the public vote. Traffic can now vote to ensure their favorite participant stays informed. Bigg Boss 5 Tamil Balloting Results At this time, maybe also can be learned below as well.

Bigg Boss 5 Tamil Voting Results Right Now December 30, 2021

According to the reviews, Akshara and Varun, once bought, were eliminated from the reveal. Below you will find the nominated participants for this week.

  • Pavni – 12% votes
  • Niroop – 7% votes
  • Sanjeev – 7% votes
  • Priyanka – 21% votes
  • Ciby – 15% votes
  • Amir – 8% votes
  • Thamarai – 7% votes
  • Raju – 23% votes

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Bigg Boss 5 Tamil Voices Through Google’s Process

The top question among BB Tamil fans is now correcting the guidelines for voting for BB5 Tamil participants. Bigg Boss Tamil is in its fifth season this year. The public is ready to vote for their favorite with ten votes per day per Gmail ID. Kamal Hassan, host of Bigg Boss Tamil 5, will announce the contestant evicted by the obtained vote share. However, the Slim Celebrities Vijay Administration will make the latter possible. The voice techniques for BB5 Tamil are discussed below in your comfort.

Vote on Google

  • Test in on Google and grace in “Bigg Boss Tamil Voice” or “Bigg Boss Voice.”
  • To vote for participants, click on their title.
  • I prefer the number of votes; it is essentially solid (maximum ten votes).
  • Now click on the Submit knob.
  • Your votes have been successfully sent to the Smartly famous particular Vijay TV.

Bigg Boss 5 Tamil Vote via Hotstar App

Practice the instructions to vote for Bigg Boss Season 5 Tamil contestants in Hotstar app,

  • Birth the Play Store app on your phone.
  • See the “hot start” app and download the most current version.
  • Birth the Hotstar app now.
  • Pull to the page for “Big Boss Tamil.”
  • A voting option may also be learned under the circulatory system as well.
  • Decide “Vote now” from the dive menu.
  • Vote for your favorite participant.
  • From day to day, you might maintain that you got ten votes too strong for Bigg Boss Tamil 5.

Bigg Boss Tamil 5 votes by omitted call number

You may also amplify your voices through the respective numbers assigned to the participants. A maximum of 10 votes might also be solid a week out of a bunch. You may also accept your total numbers listed below,

participant Number omitted
Vote for Priyanka Deshpande 8367796814
Isai Vani (exterminated) 8367796807
Abishek Raaja (exterminated) 8367796802
Abhinay Vaddi (exterminated) 8367796801
Vote for Pavani Reddy 8367796813
Imman Annachi (exterminated) 8367796806
Akshara Reddy (exterminated) 8367796803
Nadia Chang (exterminated) 8367796810
Varun (exterminated) 8367796818
Iykki Berry (exterminated) 8367796808
Shruti Jeyadevan (exterminated) 8367796816
Vote for Thamarai Selvic 8367796817
Vote for Ciby Chandan 8367796805
Vote for Niroop Nandhakumar 8367796812
Vote for Raju Jeyamohan 8367796815
Chinna Ponnu (exterminated) 8367796804
Madhumitha (exterminated) 8367796809
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