Bigg Boss 3 Telugu to get a surprise wild card entry from Shraddha Das ?

“Bigg Boss 3 Telegu”, an Indian Reality Television Game Show, has already been started. All the contestants can be seen with a quite energetic and enthusiastic look.

The Telugu reality show that got started between various controversies, has been coming up with roller and coaster in every episode. Now, after successfully finishing two episodes, it appears that the show is coming up with some amazing surprise, both for audience and contestants. Let’s find out what that amazing surprise is.

According to the loud noise and thrill in the media and the film industry that is increasing with each passing day, it looks like the Bigg Boss 3 Telugu is all set and making plans to bring an attractive personality in the house as wild card entry.


Sreemukhi, Punarnavi Bhupalam, and Ashu Reddy have already added a lot of shine to the show. Now, the organizers are planning to make things much spicier for the audience and contestants by bringing the bombshell, Shraddha Das. As per the reports, the makers of the show have approached Shraddha Das to give her significant contribution in the show by participating in it.

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The entry of Shraddha Das will take place when the show gets its first eviction. It is also being heard that Shraddha is very keen and eager to join the house. She is also confident enough that she will take away with herself, the winner trophy of Bigg Boss 3 Telegu.

The actress is famous for adding glamour in her movies and now she is all ready to set the Bigg Boss 3 Telugu house on fire.

Earlier it was heard that Kumari 21F and 24 Kisses girl Hebah Patel will also take entry in Bigg Boss 3 house but now it is said that Shraddha Das has replaced her.

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