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Beat The Chasers turns awkward as contestant makes out host Bradley Walsh knows her

Beat The Chasers host Bradley Walsh was left baffled when one of his contestants seemed to think Bradley knew her better than he did.

The ITV quiz program saw a new round of contestants take on the Chasers, each taking turns to face them in hopes of winning a huge cash prize.

Bradley was left confused when Sam, a Preston psychology professor, walked into the studio.

The psychology buff chose to take on Chasers Anne “The Governess” Hegerty, Paul “The Sinnerman” Sinha and Darragh “The Menace” Ennis in a bid for £10k.

itv chasers
One Beat The Chasers player left Bradley confused when she was faced with a railway question

Facing the three genius Chasers, Sam was tasked with the question: “Which of these follows Bristol to make the name of a major UK railway station”.

After tentatively choosing option A as a guess, Sam remarked: “Railways really aren’t my thing as you’ve probably guessed.”

Looking bewildered at the assumption, Bradley replied: “Why would I guess railways are not your thing?

“I mean forensically you like you travel on a train, but I’ve gotta be honest with ya, how I would know that railways aren’t your thing?”

bradley walsh
Bradley was left baffled when the player assumed Bradley knew she didn’t like trains

The cringey on-air moment continued until Bradley broke the ice with a Doctor Who joke which left the studio audience laughing.

Bradley added: “Space travel’s not mine but I’ve been in a tardis!”, referring to his Doctor Who stint from 2018 until this year.

Sam had three choices: A (Waverly), a (Piccadily), or a (Temple Meads).

bradley walsh
Bradley quizzed the player on her guess, wondering how he would know that fact about her

Sadly for Sam, her luck didn’t improve and she chose the wrong answer, opting for Waverley instead of the right answer, Temple Meads.

She then got booted off of the show after getting Chased down by Anne, Paul and Darragh,

Sam’s fellow contestants didn’t manage much success either, until roadie Steph walked away with £8k and Veronica bagged £20k at the end after getting the better of Jenny “The Vixen” Ryan’s team.

Every Saturday, Beat The Chasers is broadcast at 8.30 on ITV.

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Beat The Chasers turns awkward as contestant makes out host Bradley Walsh knows her
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