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BBC Vigil viewers slam ‘confusing’ plot as Amy is left fighting for life in epic scenes

Sunday night’s episode of Vigil, the fifth in this BBC six-parter, started as it meant to go on, at break neck speed.

BBC One viewers instantly learned who was allegedly ‘attacking’ DCI Amy Silva, with the coxon Glover being revealed (Shaun Evans).

Glover was actually trying help Silva because the submarine was concerned about contamination following the poisoning of Jackie.

However, many viewers seemed baffled as events progressed, with one tweeting:#vigil Been watching this five weeks in and still don’t have a feckin clue who’s who ? And what’s going on ??

“All I know is Steve Arnot died within five minutes of the show starting and he was the main reason why I was watching in first place”

Suranne Jones in Vigil
DCI Amy Silva was left fighting for her life during Sunday’s penultimate episode of Vigil

Another wrote: “My dad has watched this show intently for the previous 4 episodes and to him, right now, the biggest question is “how fresh are those eggs? #vigil”

A third wrote: “Gone a bit Dr Who. Totally jumped the shark”

Meanwhile, the episode also featured Shaun Evans – best known as ITV’s Endeavour – shirtless in a shower scene. But again, fans were perplexed, as Evans’ character Glover kissed his lover, submarine doctor Docherty (Anjli Mohindra).

This was despite the fear that he may have come into contact with a noxious poison.

Actor Shaun Evans in Vigil
Glover was exposed as the person behind the gas mask

“ur telling me a DOCTOR on this mf submarine thought someone had been exposed to a NERVE AGENT and she figured it was time one last kiss??!?! #vigil” tweeted one viewer.

Another wrote: “You may have contracted a fatal contaminant/nerve agent which I’ve just confirmed we have no treatment for on board the submarine. Hold still whilst I kiss you before resuming my duties as senior medic. For the love of God #vigil”

Suranne Jones in Vigil
Will DCI Amy survive the last episode of the serie?

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The biggest shock came at the end of the episode, when DCI Silva was attacked by the Russian double agent on board, CPO Matthew Doward (Lorne MacFadyen).

Claustrophobic Silva in an atmospheric diving costume was thrown out cold and placed inside a torpedotube that filled with seawater.

Will she make the journey alive?

Vigil concludes at 9pm on Sunday 26th September on BBC One

BBC Vigil viewers slam 'confusing' plot as Amy is left fighting for life in epic scenes
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