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BBC Breakfast’s Dan Walker given stern new nickname as Strictly partner unveiled

BBC Breakfast star Dan Walker was left red-faced on Saturday night, as he was handed a stern new nickname by his Strictly Come Dancing professional dancing partner.

It was revealed that Dan would be dancing with Nadiya Bychkova, a professional dancer, during the September 18 dance launch show.

Claudia Winkleman was able to smile when Dan opened up about his concerns about not being good enough for Nadiya.

“Do you know what is so cute about you, Dan – when a celeb meets their pro and goes, ‘Am I a terrible disappointment?'” Claudia giggled.

BBC Breakfast's Dan Walker given stern nickname by Strictly's Nadiya Bychkova
BBC Breakfast’s Dan Walker given stern nickname by Strictly’s Nadiya Bychkova

Dan explained how happy he was to have secured Nadiya as a dance partner – a sentiment she returned.

“I’m so happy I got Daniel,” Dan was left blushing after Nadiya spoke.

“She’s calling me Daniel,” He explained.

“Daniel!” Claudia chorused, while Dan explained: “I feel very, sort of, talked to.”

Claudia quipped: “Well, Daniel is very worried he’s going to look like a daddy longlegs.”

Dan was paired with Nadiya

But Nadiya complimented him: “I think your long legs, that you’re tall – you’ll be amazing for ballroom.”

Daniel isn’t the only nickname Dan has earned throughout his Strictly journey so far – he’s also been dubbed StrictlyLeaks in the dedicated WhatsApp group he set up for the celebs to get to know each other.

Speaking to Daily Star and other media outlets, Dan said: “They’re all calling me the dad of the WhatsApp group – but the other nickname they’ve got for me is StrictlyLeaks, because I inadvertently gave away the start date of Strictly Come Dancing on BBC Breakfast, which was a total error!” he chuckled.

Dan Walker
The star has also been nicknamed StrictlyLeaks

“The reason why I did that is I go in the local Post Office quite regularly because there are four lovely ladies I always have a good chat to. They’re Strictly obsessed, and the day before I mentioned it on BBC Breakfast they told me, ‘We’re really looking forward to it starting on the 18th!'”

Dan continued: “So in my head I thought everybody already knows it’s the 18th! But it turns out they’d just been guessing, and I talked about it on Breakfast and I didn’t realise it hadn’t been announced yet.”

Dan, standing at a massive six foot six, said Strictly was the show his children most wanted him to appear on.

Dan was in danger earlier this week when he had to run for his life after he hit his head on a glass window just hours before his Strictly debut.

Alongside a photograph of himself wired up to a blood pressure machine, the BBC presenter wrote: “Bit of head-based drama today!

“After whacking my noggin on the big glass window yesterday, I got sent to A & E today because I was feeling a bit wobbly.”

Dan quickly informed his 723,000 followers on Twitter that he had been cleared by a CT scan, despite the injury.

Next Saturday, Strictly Come Dancing will continue on BBC One.

BBC Breakfast's Dan Walker given stern new nickname as Strictly partner unveiled
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