Barbarians Season 2: Release Date & a Lot More

The German show Barbarians is all set to release for its second season. Daniel Donskoy, who plays Flavus in the series, revealed the news on Twitter. Andreas Heckmann, Jan Martin Scharf, and Arne Nolting created the historical drama series, which premiered its first season in October 2020. After a two-year wait, Netflix has announced that the second season will begin in October. 

Quick Overview: 

The show follows German soldiers clash with the mighty Roman army as they begin to spread their empire across Europe in the ninth century AD. The story is a fictionalization of historical events surrounding the rebellion of Germanic tribes against the Roman empire led by Arminius. 

The show’s second season will reportedly follow the first season’s six-episode format. Laurence Rupp, Jeanne Goursaud, and David Schütter star in the series. 

Barbarians Season 2: Release Date & a Lot More

What is the Release Date? 

The second season will debut on October 21st. 

Season 2 Cast of Barbarians:

While Netflix is yet to confirm the cast, it is safe to assume that some of the original cast members will return for Barbarians season 2. It’s also safe to think that new faces will be introduced in the next chapter, and it’ll be interesting to see who will join the fan-favorite ensemble of talented players. 

Laurence Rupp will almost certainly reprise his role as Arminius in Barbarians season 2. And it wouldn’t feel right if Thusnelda, played by Jeanne Goursaud, didn’t return. 

David Schütter, Bernhard Schütz, Eva Verena Müller, Jeremy Miliker, Sergej Onopko, Florian Schmidtke, and Sophie Rois are among the other memorable cast members who will hopefully return.