Atkan Chatkan Release Date, Plot and Cast | A.R. Rahman

Shiv Hare’s next movie project which was set to be a musical about a band of young children coming together to realize their dreams, was fittingly revealed earlier today by music industry legend A. R. Rahman on twitter and is titled Atkan Chatkan.

Atkan Chatkan Release Date, Plot and Cast | A.R. Rahman

The film is dear to A.R. Rahman not only because it’s also music but also marks the acting debut of Lydian Nadhaswaram, a pianist and protege of Rahman’s.

Atkan Chatkan Plot

Atkan Chatkan is a movie about a group of children who dream of a life as a musician. The movie portrays their journey and individual growth as they mold themselves into what they dream of and the hurdles they face on the path that they walk to do so. The poster of the movie shows the children standing over the roof of a bus named “Tansen Music Academy” indicating it to be the place where the children assemble to learn their craft.

Atkan Chatkan Release Date, Plot and Cast | A.R. Rahman

Atkan Chatkan Cast

Atkan Chatkan marks the acting debut of a young musician and artist Lydian Nadhaswaram who took on this project with A.R. Rahman’s blessings. Other notable names set to appear include Tanmay Chaturvedi and Steven Samuel. World-renowned composer Shivamani has been brought on to compose the soundtrack of the film.

Atkan Chatkan Release Date

Shiv Hare’s Atkan Chatkan is set to release on September 5th exclusively on the Zee5 streaming platform.

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