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Arsene Wenger left Arsenal squad in stitches after dessert disaster

Arsene Wenger once had his Arsenal squad in fits of tears after they all witnessed a dessert gaffe before an away game.

Wenger was the Gunners’ manager for more than two decades until he retired at the end the 17/18 Premier League season.

After arriving from Japan in 1971, the 71-year old changed Arsenal’s culture and focused on nutrition and fitness.

Paul Merson recalled receiving orange juice and creatine at his first training session.

Wenger could not resist some apple pie during an away trip. It led to an Arsenal disaster that saw the Arsenal in pain.

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger says goodbye to the Arsenal fans after 22 years at the helm at the end of the Premier League match between Arsenal and Burnley at Emirates Stadium on May 6, 2018 in London, England.
Wenger appeared to ‘lose’ his slice of apple pie

“When you go [to] away games, obviously you get your meal the night before,” Ray Parlour told talkSPORT.

“And I remember we always had apple pie usually as our dessert if you wanted it.

“Arsene Wenger is now awake. We used to have big round tables in the front, but Wenger was seated at the back, along with the staff, physios, and whatever else.

“So he’s gone up to the apple pie, it’s only a little trolly of apple pie’s, he puts it on his plate and as he turned the apple pie’s fallen straight off his plate.

“He hasn’t witnessed it fall. And you know that he doesn’t see much Wenger. Wenger used say at press conferences, that he hadn’t seen the apple pie go off his plate.

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Ray Parlour celebrates scoring Arsenal's 2nd goal during the FA Cup Final match between Arsenal and Chelsea on May 4, 2002 in Cardiff, Wales.
Ray Parlour recalled the story on talkSPORT

“And as he’s walking back, he doesn’t he’s got nothing on his plate.

“All the lads are going ‘he hasn’t got anything on his plate have a look, have a look’.

“As he gets back to his seat he picks his spoon up look down and he doesn’t realise where it’s gone.

“The women at the other end are the ones with the old brush and dustpan.

“And all we heard was, and a few of the lads started laughing, ‘I’ll have coffee instead’.”

Arsene Wenger seen during Arsenal Training at the Arsenal Training Ground in London Colney, London.
Wenger changed the culture when he arrived in North London

Arsene Wenger left Arsenal squad in stitches after dessert disaster

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Arsenal was the only team in Premier League history that went an entire season without being beaten under Wenger.

Wenger won seven FA Cup titles and two more Premier League victories.

Arsene Wenger left Arsenal squad in stitches after dessert disaster
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