Arjun Patiala box office collection Day 2: The Diljit Dosanjh and Kriti Sanon movie gets poor openings

Arjun Patiala the newly released film received a major setback when it accounted for a mere 1.25 crores as it’s opening day collection. This film has got caliber to perform much better than this but as of now, it is the harsh reality.

However the makers are still hopeful of a turnaround in the days to come, according to them, this film presents a whole new brand of comedy that will surely make the viewers laugh their hearts out.

The film revolves around the protagonist Arjun Patiala who is a judo champion. He considers IPS Officer Amarjeet Singh Gill as his role model and admires to be like him but to his disguise, he is of no match to the legend. After emerging on top in a jodo championship Arjun bagged a job of sub-inspector under the sports quota.

arjun patiala

This type of response was anticipated by the critics even before the release of the film. The story has no touch of reality the whole film is a film inside a film. Totally based on imaginations. Even for a moment consider the fact that it is a comedy movie still the story must have some links but it lacks that part completely.

The music of the film too failed to impress, a song finds its application in multiple scenes which was totally undesirable. Nothitto takes away from the star cast, they performed their roles to the best of their potential. Diljit and Kriti were decent in their respective roles. Diljit was the one who accounted for the laughter the film was able to impart to the audience.

Another reason for its underperformance was tough competition from Judgemental Hai Kya, which released alongside this film. The counterpart film is performing decently on the box office making it even tougher for Arjun Patiala to leave any sort of impression on the box office.

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