Apalimarathi 2021 Website – Latest Marathi Movies Download watch Online – Is it Legal?


Marathi film industry is a tremendous film industry indeed. Earlier days people used to go to the theatres and stand in the long queues to watch the films. But the time has changed, and now most of the people choose to stay at home and watch movies online.

So to keep pace with time, many new online websites has grown, which offers the latest movies free. And people also tend to choose them due to the free offering of movie downloads. But they can turn tricky sometimes. So here we are to discuss Apalimarathi and details about it. 

What is Apalimarathi?

Apalimarathi is one of the top websites for Marathi movies. The website provides you with the top and recent most movies and helps you stream as well as download them. 

The site has gained popularity more because of the top Marathi content in it. There are other websites that upload Marathi content along with Bollywood and other content, but no other site is as good as Apalimarathi in Marathi movie download. 

Apalimarathi 2021 Website - Latest Marathi Movies Download watch Online - Is it Legal?

History Of The Website

The history of the site is simple. It started as a Marathi movie uploading website with some Marathi movie in it. Alter the website kept uploading the recent film and updated the website. And as time passed by, it started attracting attention. But later, the site also uploaded the shows and dramas, which helped the site gain more popularity. 

How Does Apalimarathi Work?

Apalimarathi mainly works by daily updating their site with new movies and serials. They even upload the original movie’s trailer and cine events too. This all increases the visitors to the website, which attracts more and more ads to the site.

And this helps the admin earn more money. This way, the site gets more and more money. Though the government bans the site time and again, the owners always manage to change the website URL to a new one. The unique active URL is Apalimarathi.com. 

Is It Safe To Access This Website?

Pirated websites are not safe for use, and there are several reasons. The sites are prone to exposing your data to the world of hackers and getting you into danger. And as using the website is law-breaking, you may have to face the punishment and legal procedure for using the Apalimarathi. We strictly forbid you from using the website rather use some safe, legitimate site to stream the movie. 

Is Apalimarathi A Legal Website?

Apalimarathi is a pirated website. And no matter how famous it is, piracy is illegal. So using the website will never become legal. And as the Indian government has banned the use of these kinds of sites, using them will indicate you are breaking the rule, which may have some undesirable condition for you. 

Alternatives To Apalimarathi

Unique features of Apalimarathi

As we have discussed before there are several other websites than Apalimarathi where you can also download Marathi and other movies. But among them, Apalimarathi visitors still choose this site to serve their purpose. So what is the reason that this site stood out among others? Let’s find out while doing through the following reason. 

  • The owner keeps updating the website regularly with new movies and serials. You can find the recent videos within just a week, even earlier, easily. The website also uploads the recent cine events online. This is one of the main reason Apalimarathi has become so much popular among the other websites for Marathi content. You can see the different categories like Marathi movies, Marathi Natak and Cine events on the site.  
  • It is the biggest website that offers the viewers Marathi content. There are other websites on the internet too which uploads recent Marathi films, but their priority is not the Marathi content. But Apalimarathi has the highest priority for Marathi content. 
  • The easy user interface attracts visitors to use the site. They find it easy, and trick-free one was downloading a movie is more comfortable and quicker. 


The article does not promote any piracy. Piracy is illegal, and these websites are also. And we will always prefer that you do not use this website to avoid any undesirable situation.


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