Ant Glizzy Dead or Alive? What Happened To Shooting Linked To His Cause Of Death


Based on the rumors surfacing all over the internet, rapper Ant Glizzy has died. The news has become the subject of discussion among many on the internet. Ever since the announcement of the shocking piece of news, netizens are rushing to social media to pay the talented rapper heartfelt tributes and to find out his death cause. While many have believed the death rumors, several people are trying to search for its reliability. Searches like “Is Ant Glizzy dead or alive” has flooded the internet. Let us check the details here.

Ant Glizzy death

Even though Ant Glizzy’s death rumors have gotten circulated on social media, it is still not clear if he has died or not. According to reports, the death rumors are completely baseless. Sources claim that the rapper is not dead and is doing just fine. However, some sources have stated that the rapper was reported dead on a highway while he was taking pictures there. Now, it is said that the information was inaccurate and the reports claiming the death of Ant Glizzy are false.

Needless to say, it has caused relief to the rapper’s fans as they were really disheartened after learning about the unfortunate news. Despite the death rumors of Ant Glizzy being debunked, some people are still playing him tributes. Condolence messages and tributary posts have flooded Twitter and other platforms. However, we can not really confirm whether Glizzy is dead or not as no official confirmation regarding the matter has come forward yet.

Apart from paying the rapper sincere tributes, people also seem to search for some sort of information about Ant Glizzy. Well, he is a DC-based rapper whose real name has not been disclosed yet. The rapper has been a part of the hip-hop community. Born on February 28, 1992, Glizzy happens to be in his thirties. He belongs to a Muslim family. As the 30-year-old rapper began to grow older, he was taught the Quran. Glizzy has a brother named Shy with whom he has collaborated on several rap songs.

The two share a special bond with each other and time and again share their love and support for one another too. Glizzy’s brother Shy began rapping in 2011 and has not stopped since then. Reports claim that Ant Glizzy is single and has no one in his life right now. The rapper is also quite active and popular on Instagram where he often shares pictures and videos from his life.


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