Angela Mckenzie Killed In Accident Footage Video? Cause of Death Check Wiki Biography


A fatal accident took place in the streets of Calgary when two rivals clashed with each other but the incident claimed the life of an innocent woman. The entire mishap occurred on Tuesday night on 10th May 2022 and even fetched the attention of law enforcement. The police officials started a quick and brief investigation wherein they discovered that an intense crash took place on the night wherein a total of 4 vehicles collapsed with each other and two of the vehicle owners started the open fire on each other. Get more information on Angela Mckenzie’s cause of death and other important details.

Angela Mckenzie

According to the latest reports issued by the Calgary Police service during a press conference held on Wednesday. Scott Boyd said that the accident occurred in the northeast part of the city when two vehicles including a red Silverado truck and a grey Volkswagen Jetta sedan were continuing chasing each other before crashing with other vehicles at the intersection. The drivers of both the vehicles are continuously firing at each other in the broad daylight and the stray bullet prey an innocent woman driving a silver van.

Angela Mckenzie Death Cause

Along with the woman stray bullets even pierced two houses located around. If we talk about the woman the gunshot injury succumbed the woman to the death on the spot. The information has been asserted by an autopsy report. She was a decent woman and hadn’t any kind of connection with the brawl. Emergency authorities promptly sent them to the hospital where she was declared lifeless and proceed to an autopsy. The woman was later identified as a 40 years old Angela McKenzie. The investigation is continue with their investigation and tries their best to chase down the culprits.

If we talk more about the woman Angela Mckenzie, she was the of five children between the ages of nine and seventeen. Moreover, the father of the woman has died in the closing year so, it is quite difficult to mention the guardian of the household after her. The Police official informed that additional information regarding the woman is being reviewed.

The driver of another car sounds fine and didn’t sustain any serious injury. The culprits fled away in an unknown direction and are still unidentified. The investigation team is making a supreme effort to take down the culprits.



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