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Amazon Relay Carriers: Amazon’s business is roaring in every genre. Post-pandemic, the company has started multiple ventures to improve every business. So, when it comes to Amazon’s transportation business, the company has introduced a high-tech portal named Amazon Relay Carrier web portal. 

You can use Amazon Relay to boost your business growth if you own a delivery or truck company. But to start working with Amazon Relay Carrier, you must sign up and log in to its official web portal. So, how to do that? Don’t worry; we have a detailed guide on Amazon Relay Carrier. Read the complete article; you may get stuck if you miss any step. 

What Is Amazon Relay Carrier?

Amazon Relay Carriers

Amazon Relay is an incredibly designed program for carriers and drivers. The program is strategically designed to ensure truck drivers and carriers can conveniently find and haul Amazon loads. In addition, this program provides truck drivers and carriers with peace of mind and good work culture to work all year round. 

On the other hand, the Amazon Relay Carrier web portal is a well-designed platform that helps carriers and drivers tap into the world of technology, making their jobs even easier. With this portal, they dive into Amazon’s technology, safety-first culture, and network to grow their business to the apex. 

So, we believe you have got a glimpse of what Amazon Relay is, and by this time, the perks of the platform may be attracting you. So, how to enjoy these facilities? To do that, you first need to log into the portal. 

Let’s discuss logging into Amazon Relay Carrier and getting hands-on with many facilities. The complete login process is discussed below. So, make sure to read it thoroughly. 

Amazon Relay Carriers Login Requirements 

Before you log into the portal, you must keep a few things handy. Here are the requirements to log in – 

  • You must have the official Amazon Relay Carriers portal web address. 
  • You must have a valid Amazon Relay Carriers login Email ID, registered mobile number, and Password.
  • You must have a device with a good Internet connection and a web browser. 

How To Sign Up For Amazon Relay Carriers Account?

If you have all the things required, signing up is easy. Here are the steps to sign up – 

  • Visit the official Amazon Relay Carriers portal at

Amazon Relay Carriers login

  • Next, click the “Get Started” button. 
  • Verify your eligibility, checking every requirement point. 
  • Next, tap on the “Create Your Amazon Account” button. 
  • Now, you will be redirected to a new window. 

Amazon Relay Carriers login

  • Enter all the details, including First Name, Last Name, Email ID, and more. 
  • Create your Password. 
  • Now, hit the “Create Amazon Account” button to sign up. 

How To Log In To Amazon Relay Carriers Portal?

Do you already have an Amazon Relay Carriers account? Bingo!! You need to log into it. I was wondering how? Here are the easy steps – 

Amazon Relay Carriers login

  • Visit the official Amazon Relay Carriers portal at
  • Click on the “Sign-In” button. 
  • Enter your registered Email ID or Phone Number. 
  • Enter your Amazon Password. 
  • Hit the “Sign-In” button. 

How To Reset Amazon Relay Carriers Portal Password? 

Have you lost your Amazon Relay Carriers portal password? No need to panic. Here are the simple steps to retrieve or reset your password in a few seconds – 

Amazon Relay Carriers login

  • Visit the official Amazon Relay Carriers portal at
  • Click on the “Sign-In” button. 
  • Above the “Email” box, find the “Forgot Password” option. 
  • Hit on it. 
  • Enter your registered Email Address or Phone Number to get a password reset link.

Amazon Relay Carriers Contact Details 

Are you stuck with any issues handling the Amazon Relay Carriers portal? You can easily connect to the Amazon help desk to resolve your issue. Here are the contact details – 

Official Website –

Common Carrier Tracking Information Contact Information
UPS Phone: 1-800-742-5877
US Postal Service Phone: 1-800-222-1811
Amazon Visit Deliveries Shipped with Amazon
FedEx Phone: 1-800-463-3339
DHL Express Phone: 1-800-225-5345


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