Amazon Prime Video premieres highly anticipated trailer for Drushyam 2 Telugu


Amazon Prime Video today released the trailer for its Telugu crime thriller Drusyam 2, with the iconic Venkatesh Daggubati reprising his role from the Telugu hit Drusyam. The film features an ensemble of actors, including Meena, Kruthika, Esther Anil, Sampath Raj, and Poorna. Directed by Jeethu Joseph and produced by D. Suresh Babu, Antony Perumbavoor, Rajkumar Sethupathy of Suresh Productions, Max Movies, and Rajkumar Theaters -Drushyam 2 will premiere on Amazon Prime Video in India and over 240 countries and territories worldwide on November 25.

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Drushyam 2 takes off from where the first film ended and took the audience on a rollercoaster ride, as An investigation into the past events threatens Rambabu’s (Venkatesh Daggubati) family. The upcoming Amazon Original movie raises the stakes with a grittier and more suspenseful story, taking viewers into the intense and gripping story as the man of the house strives to protect his family once again after their lives were irrevocably changed after the events of that one fateful night six years ago. Past.

“Amazon Prime Video has become a global showcase for India’s stories and storytellers,” said Manish Menghani, head of content licensing at Amazon Prime Video India. “Finding and giving voice to unique stories was central to our content programming. Given the strong audience response to Rambabu’s story, it was a natural choice for us to release Drushyam 2, one of the most anticipated films of the year, in our service. The film showcases a brilliant cast and creators, including Venkatesh, Jeethu Joseph, and Suresh Babu. Bringing them together translates into exciting entertainment for our audiences in 240 countries and territories around the world. As we launch the trailer for the film, all I can say is, ‘Get ready for some on the edge of your seat entertainment as Rambabu and his family appear on your screen.’”

“We are grateful to all our fans, audiences, and critics around the world for giving us so much love and admiration. The response we’ve received – and the cult following that Drushyam has achieved – has been unprecedented and gave us all an impetus to continue developing the legacy with Drushyam 2,” said Venkatesh Daggubati. that our fans have shared with us over the years about how and what could have happened in Rambabu’s life as he walked ahead, after swearing to protect his family. Drushyam 2 takes the audience on an emotional yet exciting journey, with the twists and turns in the plot keeping the suspense alive and leaving our viewers wanting more. I’m thrilled to be premiering Drushyam 2 on Amazon Prime Video, allowing viewers around the world to watch the film from the comfort of their home, together with their family.”

Jeethu Joseph, the writer and director of Drushyam 2 said: “Drushyam 2 is very close to my heart. Over the years, everyone kept asking me if we would come back with a sequel, and I’ve always known I had to bring the epic franchise back to the public, but I believe everything has its right moment. After changing my mind a million times about how to proceed with the story and finally working very hard to turn this vision into reality with the support of all my cast and crew, I am now ready to bring this film to us. To the public, and we can’t wait to hear their reactions. Joining forces with Amazon Prime Video is the icing on the cake for all of us. ”

Prime members in India and 240 countries and territories will be able to stream the exclusive digital premiere of the Telugu thriller from November 25

Customers can also watch Drushyam 2 by subscribing to Amazon Prime Video Mobile Edition. Amazon Prime Video Mobile Edition is a single-user mobile-only subscription currently available to Airtel Pre-Paid customers.


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