All American Season 4 Episode 3: Everything You Need To Know


As we prepare for All American Season 4 Episode 3 on The CW tonight, we come to dissect another important decision for Spencer. Is he willing to forego high school to kickstart his collegiate future?

We’ve already learned this season that Spencer is unfortunately not drowning in scholarship offers at the moment, and that’s a situation that sets his future in motion to some degree. The state of Toledo has given him more opportunities than some of the other schools out there, and he has the chance to go to training to be a part of their football program. The problem is, at least in his mind, he hasn’t even graduated high school yet!

All American Season 4

Will Spencer really be willing to turn his whole life upside down and start this new chapter so soon? There is a lot for him to think about, from his family to his friends and of course his relationship with Olivia. We understand it can be a tempting opportunity, especially if his hopes are one day being a part of the NFL. Still, there could be other opportunities for him as a walk-on player elsewhere; we don’t think he’s in a place right now where he’s going to the state of Toledo or nowhere at all.

Personally, we can’t see Spencer going there, though for no other reason it would completely change the rest of the season. Would All American really work when he is away from the rest of the cast for much of the time? We may be able to see him go away for a while, but it’s hard to see this as some sort of substantial extended absence.

What do you think will happen when we move to? All American season 4 episode 3?

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