A List Of Best Performing Stand Up Comedians That Are Sure To Guarantee Entertainment

O’Hanlon District

Stand-up actor Ardal O’Hanlon is, of course, best recognized for these roles for playing Father Dougal in Channel 4’s Father Ted and Thermoman in sitcom My hero, but more recently he played DI Moloney in BBC One’s Death in paradise.

Watch him discuss his favorite moment from Father Ted with Tommy Tiernan above.


Bridget Christie

Award-winning stand-up, writer and host, Bridget Christie is a big name on the live comedy circuit whose Netflix special Stand up for her is highly recommended.

Instead, watch her show early task master promise to roll down a hallway after some cheese above it, as requested by Harry Hill (who should definitely be booked for a future series.)

Judi Love

Judi Love is a stand up, casual women panelist, and earlier this year short was the best thing that could have happened to you Strictly Come Dancing since the BBC started broadcasting in HD.

Watch her do a tight five on the much missed Harry Hill’s Club Nite (Harry Hill for task master Series 13. Make It Happen.)

Chris Ramsey

Here’s a little stand-up, TV host and writer Chris Ramsey to reveal his current tour. However, what you really want to see is him doing a street dance to PJ and Duncan’s Let’s Get Ready to Rhumble, so here it is. Unlikely to be embarrassed, is our prediction.

Sophie Duker

A List Of Best Performing Stand Up Comedians That Are Sure To Guarantee Entertainment

Stand-up actor and podcaster Sophie Duker recently appeared on BBC One’s Live at the Apollo and is a regular featured on the satirical news program Frankie Boyle’s New World Order and other TV panel programs. Listen to her here on Richard Herring’s Leicester Square Podcast.


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