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9-1-1 Season 5: Status Of Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Exit Rumors, Maddie Update & More

Where is Maddie on 9-1-1 season 5? Should you be concerned that Jennifer Love Hewitt is leaving? If you’ve got questions or concerns on both of these things, at this point we more than understand. She hasn’t been around for a little while now, and sometimes, an extended absence can lead to paranoia.

If there is anything, though, that we can say to ease your mind, we’d like to! Let’s start with this: At the time of this writing, there remains no direct evidence that Maddie Buckley is gone from the Fox drama for good. Jennifer Love Hewitt is gone at the moment, but it is due to her maternity leave.

9-1-1 season 5

There’s been no public statement from the producers that this is a permanent exit; as a matter of fact, they’ve already written Chimney into the story where he is off looking for her! (Just like with Hewitt, there is no evidence that Kenneth Choi is leaving the series, either.)

While Fox has not confirmed anything when it comes to a return date for Maddie back into the show, our hope is that we’ll get a full-fledged storyline revolving all around where Maddie is, what she’s been up to, and hopefully how she has been trying to heal. Postpartum depression is serious and incredibly painful, but we’ll continue to want the best for this character and hope she can work through it. Meanwhile, Chimney needs to be taught further how best he can help.

As of late, Fox has steered clear from giving significant updates on Maddie and Chimney in favor of some standalone stories featuring other members of the cast. We’ll see if that changes in the near future.

Are you worried that Jennifer Love Hewitt could be leaving 9-1-1 and her role as Maddie?

When do you think she could return? Let us know in the comments! After you do that, remember to stay at the site so you don’t miss any other updates.

9-1-1 Season 5: Status Of Jennifer Love Hewitt's Exit Rumors, Maddie Update & More
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