8 Common CMMS Mistakes Every Business Makes

Managing the maintenance and care of your equipment can quickly get out of hand without sound CMMS software looking after it. Even though CMMS software can work wonders for your overall efficiency, there are still common mistakes that some businesses make that can be easily avoided.

To help you avoid making some of these mistakes yourself, we have found the eight most common mistakes that businesses are making with their CMMS software right now.

Here they are, in no particular order.

Can you spot any of them that you might be making right now?

1. Inadequate Employee Training

CMMS software can be complex and even overwhelming at times. The wide range of features coupled with advanced technology can initially take in for employees. However, inadequate education and hands-on training can be costing your business dearly.

8 Common CMMS Mistakes Every Business Makes


The best way to avoid losses and downtime when it comes to maintaining your equipment is to have your staff trained in a variety of diverse situations. In-depth knowledge of the CMMS software that your company uses is essential to avoiding confusion and misunderstandings, resulting in wasted time and resources.

2. Human Errors & Inaccuracies

Nearly 50% of organizations blame human error for data security incidents. Human errors could end up costing companies billions around the globe every year. The fact remains that your CMMS software can give you good results based on the data you input. This can be information like your equipment numbers, relevant parameters like corrective maintenance intervals, maintenance log, and more.

These entries need to be precise and free of any inaccuracies. Inputting incorrect data into your CMMS can cause it to throw wrong responses, wrongly schedule maintenance intervals, and many such adverse issues.

3. Not Making The Most Out Of Your CMMS Software

Today, CMMS software has evolved to offer tons of features that can add value to your company.

The question to ask is, are you taking the most advantage of it? Businesses worldwide are leaving plenty on the table in terms of added efficiency and ease of operations. Not having access to the proper training and procedures is one of the biggest contributing causes to this.

In situations like these, it makes sense to dabble in automation and glance at how your software can add more value as an essential resource to your organization.

Again, this is where adequate training and in-depth education about the CMMS your company uses is crucial. To make the most of your CMMS software and extract as much value as possible, explore the wealth of options that your software can offer.

4. Not Comparing Competitors In The Same Space

All CMMS software was not created equal, which is evident by the variety of features they offer. This can be based on features, scalability, cost, and special features.  When you are looking to implement a CMMS solution for your company, the best thing you can do is neutrally compare the options on the market.

Some CMMS solutions come with advanced machine learning algorithms that can automate processes for you and your team. Others can be found to be more cost-effective and economical. Either way, the way to proceed is to objectively compare your options and divide which would work best for your organization.

5. Using CMMS As A Cure Rather Than Prevention

The wrong way to use CMMS software is reactive. In an ideal situation, your CMMS should be able to find your equipment working as it should without any red flags. However, using your CMMS as a cure for the issues with your equipment is not the best way to go about it for many reasons.

Firstly, it can lead to a decrease in your asset’s life span, and secondly, you will likely incur more expenditure to replace parts.

The solution is to use your CMMS software to prevent mishaps within your organization. Use it to understand maintenance cycles, equipment lifespans, and how to use your equipment optimally, rather than waiting until it is too late.

6. Poor Implementation

The way most management software is designed, the opportunities are endless in terms of scalability. CMMS software needs to be ideally managed by system administrators or maintenance managers trained in all of its core functionalities.

One of the mistakes you definitely want to avoid is poorly implementing your CMMS software within your organization. Inadequately implementing the well-thought-out features on your CMMS can be catastrophic in terms of lost productivity and downtime.

7. Improper Job Delegation

When it comes to maintaining your equipment, the delegation of job roles can be subjective and non-rigid. This is one of the easiest ways that lead to miscommunications and misunderstandings about corrective maintenance operations.

To avoid this, the best thing to do is for maintenance managers or administrators to delegate roles to operators that perform maintenance tasks clearly. Tasks need to be sorted based on priority within the organization. Besides this, well-defined roles mean that everybody is on the same page with equipment maintenance.

8. Not Defining Set Goals For Maintainance

Maintenance does not need to be complicated; at the same time, it requires a system to make the most difference. Not having set, defined goals for your maintenance is one of the easiest ways to lose track of performance and not get the most out of what your CMMS software has to offer.

When it comes to maintaining large machinery, one mistake can end up costing businesses millions. Understanding the difficulties and challenges faced within your organization in terms of regular maintenance is essential. Objectives and checklists during maintenance are a powerful way to introduce order into the chaos and stay organized.

Key Takeaway

Inadequate training, mistakes in job delegation, and a lack of practical goal setting are some of the most severe mistakes companies make with their CMMS software. However, the list does not just end there. Poor implementation and not comparing your options in the marketplace could also end up costing your company in terms of lost profits and downtime.

The positive side is that all of these errors can be corrected with the right training and education. We have listed out these mistakes to make sure that you never make them!

Have you made any of these mistakes? Comment below and let us know what mistakes you made with CMMS software are!

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