5 Reasons Why Facebook Ads Fail and How to Avoid Them 

Facebook Ads have become one of the most popular and effective social media marketing tools utilized by businesses. When done right, it generates targeted leads, sales, and brand visibility. This post will discuss why Facebook Ads are important, what benefits Facebook Ads bring to the business and what the reasons are that make Facebook Ads fail, and how to avoid them.

Why Facebook Ads Are Important

Facebook ads are important to incorporate into your marketing campaign because of the many benefits they offer. It is a great strategy to increase traffic to your website. If you’re successful in running your Facebook ad campaigns, you can achieve your desired business goals like promoting brand awareness and increase lead generation and sales. But there are some nuances that you need to know, such as Facebook Ads benchmarks, Facebook Ad objectives etc. 

4 Benefits of Utilizing Facebook Ads

It allows flexibility 

Facebook ads allow you to customize what type of campaign you want to run and what ad you want to utilize. You can customize your target audience specifically according to their age, gender, location, demographics, etc. Also, there is no need to invest a huge amount of money in running an ad, you can decide how many dollars you want to spend daily and manually set the limits according to your budget. Also, you can customize your CTAs or call to action.  

It helps you target and retarget new and repeat customers

Facebook ads are a tool that allows you to target new customers and present them with your brand. It allows retargeting those customers showing interest in your brand by visiting your website and you can send them a customized copy that relates to their preferences, interests, and behavior.

It is user-friendly

There is no need to feel intimidated using Facebook ads even if you are not that techy person and are just a beginner. If you haven’t tried Facebook ads in your marketing campaign yet, Facebook offers simple promotions for advertising your products and there is also an option to use the Ads Manager for those advanced users in need of more complex marketing campaigns.

It can be tracked and monitored

Facebook ad campaign performance can be tracked. It will provide you with analytics for measuring whether your ad campaign is performing well, or not. Facebook features Insights that gives you metrics on how many new visitors went to your page or website, how many reached and clicked your ad, how many new likes there are on your page, engagement rate, etc.  

5 Reasons Why Facebook Ads Fail and How to Avoid Them

1. Not testing Campaigns

One reason why Facebook ads are not delivering is that businesses often overlook the importance of A/B testing. Not experimenting or conducting A/B testing Campaigns evaluates which campaign is performing and which one is not. It shows which aspect of the campaign needs to improve–is it the copy, image, or the Call to action? Always test your Facebook ads prior to running them. This helps avoid leading to failed expectations.

2. Ad copy is unclear and not compelling

An unclear copy is incoherent and a waste of time. If businesses are unable to deliver an important message in a copy then it doesn’t serve its purpose. A copy should not be boring and confusing. The message that needs to be delivered should be clear and engages the interest of the audience. Make it a habit to create relevant, attractive, eye-catching copy that is clear and engages the target market.

3. Not checking the landing or destination page

Landing pages and links to destination pages should always be working to achieve business goals and objectives like closing a sale, registration, etc.

To avoid wasting money, make it a point to always check the destination links if they are broken or working–before running the ads.       

4. Unable to target audiences that have shown interest in your brand

Remarket that audience who already have shown interest in your brand and already purchased your brand in the past. The solution, use Facebook Custom Audiences as a tool for retargeting these people.

5. Not monitoring the results of the campaigns

Tracking the performance of campaigns is important to ensure that the ads are effective.

Use Facebook’s conversion tool to monitor the leads, conversions, and sales derived from each ad. The 4 Facebook ads benchmarks that we monitor are the Click-through rate (CTR), Cost-per-click rate (CPC), Cost-per-action rate (CPA), and conversion rate. 


Take note of the common mistakes that marketers make to avoid failing to reach your goals when using Facebook ads. Plan your campaigns and always come up with relevant and compelling copy that will engage your audience. Always monitor your ad campaign performance to know what is working and which one needs to be improved. Doing so will lead to desirable results for your digital marketing efforts.

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