20 Halloween party supplies that will keep guests howling all night


20 Halloween party supplies that will keep guests howling all night

We love Halloween, and we love parties. The best party of the year is when you combine the two.

After you’re done shopping for the best decor there is to offer this season, it’s time to show it off by having friends over to eat, drink, and be scary. Here are some great snacks, drinks and favors to get your guests into the Halloween spirit.

Whether you like a simple night at home for some of your closest ghoulfriends or a rager that’ll wake the dead, keep reading to discover which supplies will have your party animals howling long past midnight this Halloween.

Black Glittery It’s Frickin Bats I Love Halloween Banner

If you haven’t muttered, “It’s frickin’ bats” to yourself at least once a year since this legendary Vine was new, are you even a Halloween fanatic? This banner will make your guests laugh, so get ready to entertain them all night long.

10 in. 1000-Watt Coffin Selection Fog Machine

“It’s a fog machine shaped like a coffin with a skeleton dancing on top,” is a sentence that gets better with each word. It’s perfect.

Gothic Coffin Serving Board – Charcuterie Tray

Charcuterie boards are more popular than ever thanks to social media stars on platforms like TikTok and Instagram showing off their artfully arranged trays and thus giving new life to the food trend that originally rose to prominence in 15th century France.

Get the party started with a spooky take on your own charcuterie–or should we say charspookery–with this coffin shaped board that’s handcrafted and a whopping 42 inches long and 14 inches wide so there’s more than enough room to keep all your ghoul friends fed for the eve.

Whiskey On The Pops Gourmet Popcorn

Everyone loves those big tins of somewhat stale holiday popcorn that have a mix of sweet and savory varieties inside, but have you ever considered a gourmet version that comes individually packaged for the utmost freshness with innovative flavor profiles?

Eatable did, and it is delicious. We’ve been snacking on it this week and it hits all the marks: It’s crunchy, fluffy, fresh tasting, and even the packaging screams sophistication. For a full popcorn bar, order several flavors. Let the guests enjoy a few of these delicious snacks. Buy eight bags and get 10% off!

Skeleton Hand Punch Bowl with Ladle

It’s not a party without some spooky beverages (we’ll suggest more of those below), and this skeleton hand bowl is the perfect place to stir up your favorite punch! Just add your favorite juice, lemon lime soda (Sprite is perfect), some green food coloring, sherbet, and fresh fruit or gummy worms and you’re good to go! A little vodka will liven it up if you’re serving adults only, especially when you spring for the Crystal Skull variety.

Lali Red 4 Pack

For folks who want to drink something delicious and beautiful without indulging in alcohol, Lali has created a line of alcohol-removed wines (no, not just grape juice–this is real wine!) It is made from organic California grapes and vacuum distillation, which gently removes any alcohol. Bonus: A single can contains only 20 calories.

While we think the red is perfect for getting in the Dracula-inspired spirit, Lali also has rosé and white options available, too. This drink is great to keep around for Halloween and any other occasion where you want to make sure guests have a good time, regardless of their level of sobriety.

Empress Gin

For a festive cocktail that’s a cinch to whip up, simply mix this eerily purple gin with a good tonic water. Serve with a sprig of Juniper if you’re feeling extra saucy.

Spooky Double Old Fashioned Glasses, Set of 2

Stock up your spooky bar with classy but eerie glasses like this classy pair from West Elm. They’re pretty enough to keep out all year!

Nordic Ware Haunted Skull Cakelet Pan

Sure, you can bake regular little skull-shaped cakes in this high quality pan, but our pick for the best recipe? Pizza skulls.

Premade pizza dough is the easiest way to make these delicious, gooey, cheesy pizza skulls. Bake the mixture until it turns golden brown.

Do you need a more detailed recipe for this dish? Try this one.

48 Pieces Halloween Photo Booth Props Kit Scary DIY Costumes Props with Wooden Sticks for Party Decorations

A photo booth is easy as pie to create now that we’re all carrying quality cameras around in our smartphones. Set up a great one with this all-in-one party pack filled with props–just make sure you also grab a cool backdrop like this one for maximum spooky vibes.

Halloween Cute Snack Bowl Stand,3-Tier Wooden Cupcake Stand

Serve cupcakes, mini sandwiches, or anything you like from this charmingly haunted three-tier tray to make your spread look extra spirited and fun.

Spooky Sweet Platter

Take the effort out of creating detailed treats by cheating a bit and ordering Edible Arrangements. These little eyes are adorable!

Vintage Halloween Moon Napkins (set of 16)

You don’t want to serve all those snacks without a cocktail napkin for protecting their costumes, and these adorable moon faces will charm the crowd. They’re perfect for a party or decor theme that leans into the rustic or vintage look.

‎ Mummy Bowling Game Halloween Party Kit – Hyde & EEK! Boutique™

Outside of snacking and schmoozing, your guests will probably want something to keep them busy at the party. For something fun, easy and friendly, try this mummy-bowling game. Perhaps you can form teams to compete in a contest for a prize, such as a Spirit Halloween gift card or just the thrill of winning.

“Best Costume” Award

Make sure your guests are extra motivated to give it their all when it comes to an elaborate costume by providing them with the chance to take home the main prize with this fun Best Costume trophy. It might not be made of solid gold, but it’ll surely bring back wonderful memories year after year for the lucky winner.

‎ Pin the Skeleton Game Halloween Party Kit – Hyde & EEK! Boutique™

Target really has Halloween down to a science with their Hyde & EEK! The boutique collection includes decorations, party favors, as well as games like Pin The Skeleton. It’s great for kids and adults alike, so cover your eyes and get to pinning!

Great Shakespearean Deaths Tarot Cards

For more of a highbrow activity to keep revelers in the party mood, break out this gorgeous tarot deck that examines the deaths of 32 Shakespearean characters in a humorous way.

Classic Ouija

Our final game suggestion is not for the faint of heart, but the Classic Ouija board is a fun way to test your grit and potentially commune with spirits on the other side by asking a series of questions and letting the energy of the dead guide the way. Halloween is the time when the veil is thinnest. You should be ready to receive messages beyond your wildest imaginations.

Mini Black Candy Cauldrons, 12ct

It’s fun to hand out something for your guests to take home, so why not treat them to a bit of childhood fun by filling one of these mini cauldrons with Halloween candy (here’s a good mix) so they can snack away on the way home? You can simply fill a bag of candy cellophane, add your favorite sweets to it, tie it up, and then place it in the mini cauldron.


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