10 Tips for Ecommerce Product Retouching

When it comes to the discussion of the product retouching services and key aspects of the retouch work, one should understand that it is not about dealing with a living model, which expresses emotions and conveys the mood in the picture. Product photography demands extremely high skills and accurate technique as the product which is supposed to be photographed won’t become any better.

Products are static objects, and the key task of the retoucher is to emphasize their appearance and properties. The right approach is capable to revitalize the composition, correctly place accents and convey the idea that the picture carries.

Product photography is an art that involves illustrating realistic textures to create striking effects that grab eyeballs. Photography experts should not also forget about the purpose of these photographs: most often it is an advertisement or the shooting editorial. It is necessary to find and highlight the most striking details, the image, the idea of ​​photography that attracts The eye of an attentive spectator. However, it is worth noting that, despite the fact that the object in the photo should look perfect, the photo should transmit the real texture, color, and shape.

The background of any product photo should emphasize the composition. It can be either perfectly smooth or deliberately rough with a distinguishable texture. This photography work demands concentration in order for the contrast to be felt, so it is important for the cameramen to feel the combination of textures. But it is important to remember that the background, no matter how beautiful and textured it is, still is not the main thing in the picture. But there are ten aspects of making a perfect product photography photo.

10 Tips for Ecommerce Product Retouching

  1. Creating a suitable editing plan in order to focus on the most important details that should be highlighted and edited. 
  2.  When choosing the equipment the cameraman should carefully pick up the most suitable cameras and lenses that can reveal product photography to its full potential. 
  3. The already mentioned background should be perfectly suitable to the product items chosen for the photoshoot. 
  4. Lighting should not be ever underestimated as it provides the only possible chance to create suitable pictures that would meet all the standardized product photography requirements. It is crucial to regulate its angles and brightness. Use of softbox lighting can bring the right luminosity to the picture.
  5. Images quality and size focus – creates a series of similar pictures that can easily be used in terms of a single brand name.
  6. Color, brightness, and shadow combination can transform any picture in a visual masterpiece suitable for the targeted advertising, or product promotion through marketing platforms and apps. 
  7. The color correction can change the original picture to make it more suitable to the standards of the platform where it is supposed to be used. 
  8. Necessary product image cleaning. Removing all the background footprints on the product photo is necessary to avoid a pixelated edge around the product. 
  9. Knowing the user intents before starting the photoshoot helps in creating the most suitable product.
  10. Make sure your graphics and retouch work were conducted consistently. Your product pictures should maintain the demanded standards in order to maintain the style and ideas that are supposed to be transmitted through the product pictures.

When following all of the above-mentioned tips, product photography retouching will go smooth and everyone will be left satisfied. Improve your techniques and make only qualitative product photos.

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