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The Last Kingdom Season 5: Official Release Date, Netflix Renewal & Episodes

Among similar shows that cover the Great Heathen Army invasion, ‘The Last Kingdom’ stands out with its intense storyline that covers all corners of the brutal event. Fans have always loved witnessing some wild raging Viking stories, and ‘The Last Kingdom’ has never failed to deliver.

The Vikings attempt to march down against the Anglo-Saxons, bringing out a new level of chaos erupting in ‘The Last Kingdom.’ Imprisoned as a child, Uhtred vows vengeance against the Saxons as the then Danish rule murders his father and brother. The story mainly revolves around the relationship between Uhtred and Alfred, which isn’t a sweet one.

The first season of ‘The Last Kingdom’ premiered in October 2015 and was later renewed for a second by BBC Two. After the successful two-season run, BBC Two-handed over ‘The Last Kingdom’ production rights to Netflix. As it has been over a year since the release of ‘The Last Kingdom’ season 4, fans are eager to know more about the upcoming one.

The Last Kingdom Season 5: Renewal Status

‘The Last Kingdom’ is one of the highest performing shows for Netflix as the fourth season managed to rank within the top ten for quite a long time. The news came soon after the release of the fourth season on July 7, 2020. It was done by a video released by the cast members that teased the renewal news.

The Last Kingdom Season 5: Release Date

There has been no official news about the release date of ‘The Last Kingdom’ season 5. The production unit hasn’t completed filming the fifth season and is most likely to wrap up in the upcoming months. It should also be noted that the production process for ‘The Last Kingdom’ isn’t an easy task with the amount of theatrics needed for the show.

The Covid-19 pandemic isn’t making things easier either, as it might impact the production process. So, a realistic expectation for the release of ‘The Last Kingdom’ season 5 will be an early 2022 release.

The Last Kingdom Season 5: Episodes

‘The Last Kingdom’ originally began by premiering 8 episodes for the first two seasons. However, following the takeover by Netflix, two more episodes have been added each season, and as such, ‘The Last Kingdom’ season 5 will mostly air 10 episodes.


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