Pizza 3 The Mummy To Have A Direct OTT Release – Check Out Full Details

The first installment of the Tamil movie ‘Pizza’ was released in 2012. It was a big breakthrough for many in the film, including director Karthik Subburaj, Vijay Sethupathi, and more, having ‘Pizza 2’ hit the theaters in 2013.

The third part will be lead by actor Ashwin Kakamanu while starring alongside Pavithra Marimuthu, known for her role in Diary (2021). Kali Venkat and director Gaurav Narayanan are also a part of the cast lineup in the project. Like the first part, ‘Pizza 3’ is directed by the debutant director Mohan Govind with the producer as CV Kumar.

Pizza 3 The Mummy

Pizza 3 The Mummy Will Be Streamed On OTT Platform

Following the trailer release for ‘Pizza 3 The Mummy’ on January 5, the movie was set to release in theaters on March 21. However, due to the ongoing second wave of Covid-19 throughout India, the Tamil Nadu government has established new regulations, including the closure of theaters.

Producer CV Kumar has announced that the movie will be releasing on OTT platforms. But as things stand now, there has been no concrete announcement on which platform could premiere the hit franchise.

The producer has also made a statement regarding the movie. Despite holding the same name title, ‘Pizza 3’ will be entirely unrelated and will not follow up on the previous film’s events.