Netflix’s Popular K-Drama ‘Vincenzo Season 2:’ Release Date and Renewal Status

Vincenzo is currently the most popular K-Drama on Netflix this year. However, the first season of the K-Drama ended in late May 2021. Ever since the first season’s finale, fans of the K-Drama genre are waiting to hear about the renewal of the series. There is a highly likely chance that Vincenzo will not be returning with the second season.

Vincenzo became an instant hit right after its release on Netflix. The top-rated series was written by Park Jae Bum and was created by the notable production house called Studio Dragon.

Netflix's Popular K-Drama 'Vincenzo Season 2:' Release Date and Renewal Status

Vincenzo: Plot

The plot revolves around Park Ju Hyeong; an Italian family adopted at the tender age of eight. Further, Hyeong was raised in the notoriously famous mafia family called Cassono, and he was called Vincenzo Cassono.

Nevertheless, after the death of the crime family’s head, Cassono flees to Seoul and attempts to recover 1.5 tons of gold stashed under Geumga Plaza. Babel Group illegally took the gold.

Netflix's Popular K-Drama 'Vincenzo Season 2:' Release Date and Renewal Status

Vincenzo Season 2: Renewal Status

There are no plans by Netflix to bring the series back for the second season. Also, Netflix is in charge of the distribution of the series on the global market. Further, this suggests that the streaming giant isn’t 100% for either the revival or the release of the series.

The renewal of the series depends on the tvN, the notable South Korean network. Hence, there are no reports for the return of the season via Netflix. Even if a second season is planned, there will be multiple reports on whether the series will officially return or not.

Netflix's Popular K-Drama 'Vincenzo Season 2:' Release Date and Renewal Status

Additionally, some of the cast members of the series are looking forward to its return. As the series has become incredibly popular, who knows, the series will be renewed and filmed also.

Vincenzo Season 2: Plot

Fans are agitated that the series ended almost abruptly. The open end may have opened opportunities for the future of the series. However, nothing is certain at this moment.