Master Of None Season 3 Release Date Announced – To Premiere On Netflix Soon

The critically acclaimed Netflix original comic series has officially released its trailer for the upcoming season 3. There is much to be expected for fans to witness in the opening episodes with more to explore. The series has also won three Emmy Awards and a Golden Globe as it rarely fails to appear at the top of the charts.

Comic Aziz Ansari has never failed to amuse us with his sense of wit and humor that consistently delivers a sense of emotional touch to a very in-depth story. ‘Master of None’ is a similar story wherein Aziz Ansari plays the role of a New York-based actor based on his real-life experiences. The series also deviates into many storylines, each with its form of narrative with its tinge of drama.

Master Of None

Master of None Season 3 Release Date

‘Master of None’ season 3 is set to debut on Sunday, May 23, on the American Streamer, Netflix.

The series addresses issues that people tend to walk past and instills a thought within their minds, and the writers have never shied away from accepting this fact. So fans would have to wait till the season premiere to experience more of the emotional drama.

Master of None Season 3 Trailer

Netflix released the official trailer for ‘Master of None’ season 3 on April 26, showing much of star and co-writer Lena Wraithe and the ‘Star Wars’ actress Naomi Ackie. Much suggests, following season 2, that the upcoming episodes will most likely feature the relationship between Denise and Alicia.

The series has always wandered around sexual misconduct allegations, and the upcoming season will feature a more pressing form than its predecessors.