Ziwe Season 2 Is About To Release: Premiere Date, Guest Appearances and Every details


Ziwe Season 2 has been announced and it’s about to premiere very soon! Nowadays a lot of talk shows are coming in our ways which are hosted by comedians. If we talk specifically related to Hollywood then we have seen how talk shows are rocking their ratings. We have seen a lot of talk shows that are hosted by comedians in Hollywood and they are doing quite well. And that is the reason why they get renewed for their next season and come up with a bang. If we talk about comedy shows or talking shows then-late-night shows are the best which have cringe comedy. Among them is going to be Ziwe which is coming up with its second season.

About the Serie Ziwe

Ziwe is the top talk show in America. It is a late-night show that is hosted by the comedian Ziwe Fumudoh. She is the one who has also produced the show and became one of the executive producers. The show is based in Brooklyn and is on Showtime. The distributor of this talking show is another than the Showtimes Network. If we talk about the cinematography of this talking show then it is done by Christine.

ZIWE Season 2 Info

This talking show of Ziwe Fumudoh was released for the first time on 9th May 2021. It ran till 13 June 2021 with 6 episodes. With a running time of 24 to 29 minutes, the series got renewed in June 2021 for the second season. Season 2 is going to release on the first of May 2022. It will have 12 episodes in which the first is named Critical Race Theory.

Ziwe Season 2 Premiere Date

The second episode which is named as a Celebrity Rights Activist is going to release on 8 May 2022. The next three episodes are dated 15 May, 22 May, and 29 May.

If we talk about the rating of this show then it holds 73% with an average rating of 6. These ratings are based on Rotten Tomatoes. According to the Metacritic, it holds 69 out of 100 ratings which is basically a favorable review.

In the previous season, we have seen some celebrity guests like that Laura Benanti, Andrew Yang, Rachel Lindsay, Julian Castro, Julio Torres, Patti Harrison, Eboni K Williams, Adam Pally, and many more.


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