Zack Snyder’s ‘Army Of The Dead’ To Release On Big Screen Before Having An OTT Release

army of the dead

Army of the Dead is another masterpiece that screams lawlessness, and why wouldn’t it when the DC Marvel director directs them. The zombie epidemic apocalypse drama has been a much-awaited thriller.

Army Of The Dead To Have A Dual release?

Well, a piece of excellent news for the fans, the ones with a Netflix subscription and the ones without it, both can avail the art simultaneously. Shocking Right?! Well, it is, since the movie is going to have a dual release.

This will be one of the movies that will be released in the theatres and on the OTT platforms. The digital platform being Netflix.


Army Of The Dead Rights Purchased By Cinemark and Netflix

This deal between Cinemark, the most prominent theatre chain in the US, and Netflix was that the movie would first release on the big screen then digitally. Cinemark has distributed the film across 200 locations in the whole of the US.

The movie is all set to release on May 14, 2021, in theatres, and it will stream on Netflix from May 21 onwards. Just one week after gracing theatres.

Army Of The Dead A Boon To Fans

Well, the fans got a double bonus to experience this cinematic masterpiece in both forms. The theatre gave them a larger-than-life feel, while the OTT platform being affordable universally just solved many.