You Season 4: All the Questions Answered


You Season 4 Updates: You season 3 ends with a loud noise. But, it ended well the story of Joe (Penn Badgley), Love (Victoria Pedretti), and other Madre Linda residents.

“You” season 3 opens the door, allowing Joe to move in a whole new direction in “you” season 4. But, unfortunately, even though the Netflix series did everything for the characters, we still had many problems.

The third season of “You” is well-balanced, comedy and drama are on point, and excellent music selection. In addition, Pedretti and Badgley took a master class to teach you how to create a toxic couple that you oppose and support everyone simultaneously.

YOU Season 3 made us ecstatic to learn that Netflix is ​​already working on you season 4. As we wait for the upcoming season, let’s look at the problems we still have in Season 4.

Will Joe meet Marianne In YOU season 4?

Joe ends you third season with a new goal and mission: Find Marianne (Tate Gabriel). Joe is hoping for a happy reunion to start a new family with Marianne and her daughter. However, we don’t think that this encounter, if it does happen, will continue as Joe expected.

Joe moves to Paris in search of Marianne, and at the end of the episode, he announces that he will travel the world to find her, if necessary.

How pathetic it is to write a fake suicide note to make yourself seem as much of a victim as someone else who might be suicidal, isn’t it?

Before Marianne left, however, she had a conversation with Love, and that conversation seemed to click into her head that Joe is toxic. So there is a chance that Marienne could be relieved to see that Joe is alive and completely believe it was all Love’s doing.

I am not convinced that Joe will reunite with Marienne in the fourth season of You. We’ll have to know when the next cast will be announced and if Gabrielle is mentioned again as a regular series. However, I believe and hope that Marienne may escape Joe by never seeing him again.

Is the You Season 4 will take place in Paris?

You Season 4

The show ended with Joe, now going by Nick, on the run from the law. I’m looking for Marianne in Paris. Joe is planning to spend next season in Paris, but he may or may not stay there. He also mentioned traveling around the world to find Marianne.

Season 4 could start with Joe in Paris or a new location after his lead on Marianne. But, he’s probably not going to return to New York, Los Angeles, or Madre Linda. He has too many bodies in those places. So So Joe might have to become an international serial killer in You Season 4 or head off to the Midwest.

Will Joe Goldberg ever be punished for his wrongdoings?

Because Joe has killed so many people across multiple states, there has to be an individual out there wondering if he’s dead and looking into all the bodies he has left behind. Unfortunately, neither the books nor the show has a foil trying to take down Joe. I think it’s time that both (or at least the show) create a character trying to stop Joe.


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