‘YOU’ Season 3 Episode 7 Review Video By Matt & Jess on YouTube.


YOUYOU season 3 episode 7 brought us one of the most visually stunning events of the season in the library party. Yet, we of course realize that there’s no such thing as a spectacle on this show without some sort of ensuing chaos.

What this party offered up, on paper, was a chance for Joe to get closer to Marienne, the latest target on his obsession. However, Love ended up being a last-minute caterer for the event. The two met, and that caused Marienne to have more second thoughts on the state of a potential relationship.

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What this episode represented perhaps more than anything was a gradual widening of the gap between Joe and Love. He wants to devote his time elsewhere; meanwhile, she’s desperate to further her relationship while still having whatever she has at the moment with Theo. Things are INCREDIBLY messy at the moment and if we were to predict something, we’d say that it will probably get worse from here on out.

If there is a big challenge with this season overall, it is the presence of Matthew — Scott Speedman is a great actor! Yet, are the writers really doing enough with him? From the outside looking in, it does feel like he is the greatest challenge that Joe and Love face given his technological savvy; yet, the two are so worried about other things happening around them that they may not be able to see it.

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