Yellowstone Season Episode 6 End Declared!

Yellowstone Season 4 is available to stream on Paramount Network! Yellowstone Season 4 Episode 6 begins with Jimmy awakening to his new life on the 6666 ranch, emphasizing his loneliness and the fact that he is not used to traditions and norms. Meanwhile, a kid in the sanctuary discovers that barbed wire in a corral has been cut and the horses stolen.

Yellowstone Season Episode 6 End Declared!

After the credits, Beth says she’s worried her father hasn’t called her back. After asking Rip to take her for a walk one day, she goes to the main house where she meets Summer, who has just spent the night with her father. Beth and Summer immediately clash, brandishing knives and breakfast food. John complains he’s too old to handle this, but the three sit down for an incredibly uncomfortable breakfast that sees the Yellowstone cook go on a vegan and gluten-free diet for the first time. If you have any questions about the End of Episode 6 of Season 4 of Yellowstone Read more!

Yellowstone Season 4 Episode 6 End Declared

Towards End of Episode 6 of Yellowstone John corrects his past mistake by reinstating the rule forbidding girls in the dorm. Rip asks Teeter and Laramie to leave the dorm and discovers that Mia is already gone. It seems that John is also planning to fire one of Lloyd and Walker. The two men fight, and both become exhausted. Lloyd, whose bad temper sparked the entire conflict, eventually becomes the last man standing. Rip is forced to defeat Lloyd one more time. He serves as an example to anyone considering breaking the ranch’s rules.


However, in the end, John does not fire Lloyd nor Walker. Rather, their struggle allows men to express their dislike for each other. The fight serves as a means of communication for the two men who eventually get along. This is a bold move by John, once again proving why he is a seasoned breeder.

All this while giving viewers a classic western fight to enjoy. John’s wisdom leaves a mark on young Carter, who aspires to become like Patriarch Dutton. As he listens to Garrett’s response, Jamie bursts into tears and hugs his father. It seems Jamie is siding with Garrett, who, while claiming to be acting out of love for Jamie, has secret intentions of his own. He has managed to manipulate Jamie and projects his hatred towards John onto his son. On the other hand, Jamie has never known anyone who would go so far as to commit murder for him and consider that his father’s love.


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