Yellowstone Season 4: Who is John Prince?


Who is John Prince? Yellowstone Season 4 Aired Title Card TributeWho is John Prince? At the end of Yellowstone season 4 episode 3 tonight there was a title card tribute to the man. We take you through who he is today, plus what he meant to the world of the Paramount Network series in general.

The first thing we have to say here is that Prine’s contributions go way beyond just a singular TV show. He was a well-known American country folk singer and composer, and much of his music aligns perfectly with what… Yellowstone represents. We can see some of the characters on the show listening to him for decades as he would capture the aesthetic of this world and the people who would live in it. Prine has performed in the Yellowstone area in the past, even though he has not appeared on the fictional show itself.

That being said, Yellowstone paid tribute to Prine at the end of the episode and played his song “Caravan of Fools” during the closing scene. (See the Twitter post at the bottom of this article.) We know that this show tends to take music almost as its own character; it tells a story through sound and often reflects the mood and emotion of the people on the screen.

For those who don’t know, tribute to title cards is one of the best ways a show can honor someone they care about deeply. These live on in subsequent play-throughs, allowing fans around the world to get to know someone better. They lead to online searches, including what you may have done to get to this particular article. Prine died in April 2020 due to complications caused by the global pandemic; he is one of many extraordinarily gifted people we have lost during an extremely difficult period in history.

We really appreciate it Yellowstone use the end of their episodes to honor the loved ones of the cast, crew and also viewers back home. They did during the two-hour premiere, and we’re thrilled that it’s happening again tonight.

Our thoughts go out to John Prine’s family and loved ones as they continue to mourn his departure.


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