Xmovies8 2021 Website – Watch movies and tv series online – is it safe?


Watching online movies has become one of the top choices for spending leisure time these days. In this era of unlimited internet, it is no big deal of streaming the movies online. And seeing the craze of online viewers, several websites have come to the sight allowing its visitors to download their favourite films, TV shows, Documentaries etc.

Xmovies8 is one of those famous sites too. Though people use these sites, not many of them know well about them. So here we will discuss Xmovies8 detail and if the site is legal or not.

Xmovies8 2021 Website - Watch movies and tv series online - is it safe?

About the website

This is a torrent website that uploads the recent TV shows, movies, web series etc. this website is one of the best sites available that uploads the current movies in a complete HD quality. The site has also sorted its content into different attractive categories which helps people choose the film according to their mood. Also, you will get to see different options when you decide to stream a video online in case of qualities. 

History Of The Website

The website began as a small one with few movies in the library. Later as time passed, they kept uploading more content. And after some time the owners started uploading the recent movies and TV shows which increased the influx of the visitors increased. And as the website started attracting attention, the government got it in their view and blocked it. But the owner changed the URL and restarted the website. This way, the site is still going on. 

How does xmovies8 work?

The working method is nothing different than the other torrent websites. It uploads the top recent movies within the first week of its release and gets more number of visitors. And as the visitor’s increase, the site earns more money through the increased click rate. Also, different ads come to the website, and the owners get to charge them for posting the ad on their wall. This is how the website keeps working and earns money.

Is using the website safe?

 This website is as safe as the other torrent websites, i.e. it is not safe at all. The site is full of piracy content and illegal activity. And as operating any piracy content is illegal, you are acting illegally when you download a movie from here. Using this site also puts your data at stake. So we prefer you use a piracy free legal website to stream your favourite movie online.

Is It Legal To Use Xmovies8?

As the website is a torrent site, it is illegal. And using this piracy website is also illegal. So we prefer you to stay away from these kinds of websites and use the legal ones.

Alternative sites available for Xmovies8

What Makes Xmovies8 Unique?

 The website is one of the most popular ones. The popularity did not come in one day. The owners of the site have worked hard and uploaded the top contents there and attracted the visitor’s attention. But there are several reasons that the users keep choosing the website time and again. We have prepared the following points to show how Xmovies8 is unique from other sites. 

  • The website has a simple and easy operating user interface. It allows people to access the movie and TV show library easily. This makes the user like the site even more. Also, the non-complicated operations and options help the person download the film with a single click easily. This is one of the main reasons that every visitor of this site becomes a regular user of it. 
  • The website updates itself regularly from any problems. The quick bug fixes and the improved home page is quite impressive. Also, they do not let any inconvenience remain the same for a long time. Even when the government blocks the site URL, the owners can change the active URL to a new address and keep the site going.


Though this article has described the website in detail, it does not mean any promotion of the site. Rather we inform people how using these websites may get dangerous and suggest that they use the paid legal sites to download movies online. 


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